Tuesday, September 12, 2006

We are not gathered here to find a purpose - The Purpose has found us and gathered us together here.

Anybody notice? We breezed by 10,000 hits a day or so ago and there were not even any sirens or red lights!

To listen to Radio Free Phoenix as you tour KCAC Lives! or surf elsewhere, simply click the headline above.


Mariah Fleming said...

OMG Ron I haven't seen that cartoon in ages! What a perfect caption you put, too. "the purpose has found us and gathered us together here!" indeed.

freespeak@gmail.com said...

Belle Starr gave me three Kliban cartoon books back in 1976 and these were scanned from them. Funny, the things you keep in life and you don't realizr until you share them, how really neat they are!


Bruce Frank said...

Just watched the movie 'The Secret' although nothing in itself was to startling or new... it did focus everything a little finer. I mention that because its an open secret on this blog weather anyone knows it or not... and its a wonder to see it work.
In a Dream...
I Was Dreamin With You Now.
Its as Real as Us Today!
Bruce Frank

Mariah Fleming said...

Hey Bruce,
Totally off topic but I find this hilarious and have to tell you that I am on hold to my health insurance dealio and they are playing "Cut the Cake"


What is hip???

Bruce Frank said...

by the way... if your interrested in the movie 'The Secret' go to http://www.thesecret.tv to see the trailer.
heres something i found today to share with ya'll...

'messages hurry across time.
messengers meet
pieces come togather
people become close
god lives and waits
we only await our own arrival'
Arcane by Thomas
as published in Rebirth