Thursday, September 07, 2006

Farewell, KDKB


According to,46793.0.html

A sad day for all....

KCAC lives!


Jimmy said...

(Liz - just had to add that picture to your post. Hope it's OK with you!)

Wow, never thought we'd see the day. Here's how it reads on


And here’s what Wikipedia has to say today:

"On September 7, 2006, with no prior announcment, KDKB discontinued broadcasting in their current rock format stating a format change effective on September 15. Although they remain on the air, the radio station's broadcast has been reduced to playing only classic rock albums in their entirety and running commercials with no on-air personalities."

As for the new format, the rumors are it'll be another Spanish-language station.

Mariah Fleming said...

"Gimme money, that's what I want, just gimme money."

If I could post that song I would.
Techno impaired,

Anonymous said...

What more opportune time than this for us to fund bumper stickers for RFP that read "No KDKB? There's RFP!" If each of us bloggers sent RFP five bucks it would go a long way (ok, maybe not a long way...but it would help!) Maybe RFP would start a "free form radio fund" at the record stores and music related places with a cool donation box, y'know, a grave for KDKB and a sprouting tree for RFP with great lps growing off of it!

If only the First Women's National Credit and Trust Bank were here to open a fund for the station that anyone could donate to!!! I'm sure e Russ and Todd could've figured out some kind of incentive the bank could provide for such donations. The mind reels at the possibilities!
Ahh, for the way back machine...

Musings of YLOPE on a hot afternoon.

Liz Boyle said...

I just checked their website, and yup, it's gone, without so much as a "Happy Trails".

Some sort of on-air Irish wake is in order at RFP.

Andy ! Andy ! said...

THAT'S IT THEN... this feeling of serendipity, magic, coincidence and cycles.

Depending on whose version of the birth of KCAC you subscribe to [and it MUST vary from person to person].. well, here is my version;

I had struck out at KRUX and was packed to go back to San Fransisco when I stopped by KRUX to bid Bill (and Ray Thomson) farewell. Bill asked me to hang in one more night and he picked up the phone and called George Soderquist to set up a meeting between George and I the next day. I met George at a bar near Wallich's Music City and we discussed KCAC.. his little AM station that was on the ropes and ready to pull the plug..

Now ........ ready?

KCAC WAS AN ALL-SPANISH FORMAT! More of this story is in my book if you are really bored but the thing is THIS CLOSING OF KDKB REPRESENTS COMPLETION.

KCAC began in 1969 and morphed into KDKB. We had discussed and even did a call-letter search, on the call letters KRMA - owned by a station in Denver at the time.

Bill died in 1977 at the Summer Solstice, I believe. That's around June, 1977 and June 1969, is when Little Willie hatched The Goose at KRUX... at about the solstice. Seven years. SEVEN, the Biblical number of Completion.

More? Carole - Bill's sister "Toot" - her birthday is very near the Solstice.

More? Well I don't have time to work the numbers and I am not a numerologist anyway but MUCH of what Bill and I discussed as "Observational Theoloogy 1.01" (no such course) had to do with PATTERNS and CYCLES and KARMA which is what KDKB stands for - K-Diwght Karma Broadcasting.

Aqui, tiempo. presto.

Adios, Amigo. [A-Dios] "Go With God".

I believe we have... and are.

God is Alive - Magic is Afoot.


Fran Bennett said...

I must confess the Spanish on KDKB's website strike's me as a little conspicuous. No one nowdays is gonna show their hand two weeks before the fall book unless they just signed Ryan Seacrest or something.

Let's remember that when Dwight et al pulled the plug on KMND they ran a few weeks of Bonzo Dog/Beefheart etc and then a few more weeks of ocean sounds leaving the old audience confused as hell.

Sandusky has too much rock history in Phoenix to blow off its flagship. Could there be some sort of cluster merge in the works? I've been away from Phoenix a long time and don't know the local dynamics anymore...though I love the "No KDKB? Try RFP" idea.

On the other hand, in recent years, every time a struggling heritage rocker was converted to Spanish it did very well. Comforting huh?

Has anyone talked to Dennis McBroom? He was on staff to the end, yes?

Bob Gately said...

Quick, very quick Johnny D, et al...get there quick and save the record collection before it winds up in the Dumpster of our Culture...Quick, quick before the culture vultures eat our young and devour our parents...Quick, quick, somebody call Sandusky and demand our parents be handed, before the End...My Friends....

Bob Gately said...

Seriously now, Are we toothless tigers here at the demise of our Brothers child ? Do we stand by and weep at our brothers grave and
give comfort to one anothers slide into obsecurity ? Is this a wake or an awakening ?

Break out the bottle, Buds, and gather in the garden ye survivors, beat the drum, put on the war paint and dance round the fire, once more we must fight the good fight and rescue our ancestors from the barbarians at the gates of our history.

Here is the melody, memory, there is the apathy that dooms a race to obscure history...Do we die fighting or demanding
our legacy endures ? Damned if we dont try to rescue the discs, documents that commanded three and a half decades of Arizona radio/rock n roll from obscurity...Damned if we dont try.

Quick, everyone who comes to this webspace, let us gather in Kims gracious
garden, ready to battle the powers that be to rescue our one and only past identity...Quick, before the corporate
creeps consumate this Deal. Time is of the essance, therefore....Lets Act Now !

Seven days left to demand the return of our history...Only 168 hours left to kick some corporate asses into submission and give us back the boogie that made them so many bucks.

Do I hear future children cry for the wisdom, prayers of their parents ? Will they care in 2020 what their Moms n Dads listen to in their formative years ? Who will care or know if we dont show up and fight for the rights to our archives.

Monday evening, September 11, 2006 (Patriots Day ,US) who can show up in Kims Garden and bring strength, energy and commitment to the cause...? 9/11, a day of infamy, a day for Rebirth, a day we all may remember for the actions the few made against the many who would leave us in the dust. We trust we can do this.


Jimmy said...

Good idea, Bob. Can we get Kim Moody to go along with this for Monday? Who know him well enough to approach him, like, TODAY about it?
Ron's talk here about cycles was fittingly poetic. There is something happening here. Whatever it's become today, the words "end of KDKB" will make a lot of people in the Valley go, "What?"
Summer Solstice is the 23rd, I believe. If not the 11th, this might be a good date for a gathering.

Bob Gately said...

Yea Jimmy, I just sent Kim a e-mail with my phone number...Hope to be hearing back from him today, if not I'll give him acall later. In any event, I'll come back tonight with what I've learned....I feel the sooner the better as they are probably already clearing out the studio and library...Anybody in touch with Tommy V ? He would be the natural to contact the station and put our bid in, eh?

Yea, Rons poetry rings so right on...KDKB's karma is coming full circle, hola...



Liz Boyle said...

The latest rumblings on the street are now pointing to a cheap case of hype. Many speculate that they'll stay rock, ditch the call letters and reinvent themselves.

Ratings wise, many of us in the industry saw the writing on the wall, with KDKB sinking into the 1 shares and being bested by Adult Standards and Sun City Spanish.

There's still rumors about them going Spanish, but, as Fran so astutely pointed out, the poorly translated Spanish on the website is a little conspicuous.

We'll all know for sure on the 15th.

As for any remaining shreds of history, I think those were sucked out of the building along with the good vibes and cigarette smoke, years ago.

Bob Gately said...

Whew ! So we dont have to roll out the tanks to save the farm...I'm going down to Alwun House later for the celebration tonight and will check with Kim as to when we can have a gathering in the garden..."Ill ask if the 23ed is open, Jimmy.


Bob Gately said...

Kim said pick a date and come on over....

Mariah Fleming said...