Sunday, September 10, 2006

Hello 911? Got any government marijuana? CLICK HERE

People in the Netherlands get to smoke all the pot they want and it is Government Certified Good Shit, too.

That's because their people and their government are for the most part rational, reasonable and sane. Problem is, they also think and behave like free people - except for that dumb shit on the horse that went tilting a lance at a windmill that time. Of course THAT didn't have anything to do with marijuana but may rather have been an LSD type experience brought on by a rye ergot in some bad bread.

At any rate THESE GUYS are not hallucinating. They are asking some very clear-headed questions (in Dutch) about the 9-11 incident in New York and Washington and Pennsylvania a few years ago. You can tell they are speaking Dutch because they are very good looking people that make absolutely no sense whatever. That means of course that they MAY be aliens but they are nice enough to translate in English subtitles. See for yourself - click the headline.

Some of the questions they ask are (paraphrasing) "How do you get a Boeing 747 through a hole in a brick wall of the Pentagon, that is only 15 feet wide?" You can tell from questions like that, they are subversives, against anything American and are probably recruiting black sex-rappers for suicide terrorism attacks.

This is a 15-minute video that wiil take an hour or so to load if you are on dial-up but that's a great excuse to take a nap. Remember THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT FROM THIS COUNTRY so pay attention, take notes, write down any names you recognize and be ready to kick some ass.

[Image courtesy of Ray Thomson]

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Mariah Fleming said...

Hey, Ray Thomson...AWESOME! Also put in your two cents about Alwun House, ok? Not the same without you.(scroill down)