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Email from Kim Moody at Alwun House.......

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From: Kim Moody
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Hey Ron, Dan in Hawaii, Wonder Russ, et al;
Anyone got tapes of a special '68-69 broadcast(s) that have been digitally re-recorded? I've some tapes but no tape player! While immersed in digital, still don't have I-pod - yet.
Speaking of synchronistic times we're in: I'd like to offer the Alwun House gardens for a reoccurring revival (what, once a month?) of musically lyrical comradery. Anyone in the Valley interested? Been looking to replay/master mixed radical thought and emo music over coffee and shared spirits.... "the times, they are a'changing! (again)" - a musical core group for special nights in the Garden (wnat to tour our gardens? ).
Most of the DJ's we know these days, are sunk into DANCE beats only... no significant lyrics pull at your soul, saying we are all one get on the bus! It's time (go! Chamber Bros)... we're entering a Fall Election Season that's reminiscent of those insightful radical new times. It is time for a revival of our planet. Amen
e-mail me with suggestions:

Kim Moody


Mariah Fleming said...

What a sensational idea. Its been YEARS since I've been to Alwun House. What a perfect place for a "synchroni-city" get together. We could become our own least of mind!

Wouldn't it be awesome for Johnny D to dj something like that? I suggest you read WAY back thru the blog and you will find some folks that have posted that they have audio links, tapes and so forth.

Andy Olson has some great stuff too...he's the keeper of the KCAC radio flame, so to speak (o:
You probably know all this but anyway....more later. It's great to see you on the blog!

Mariah Fleming said...

Hey, where'd everybody go? It's unusual not to post comments to each other's posts. I know I've been writing a real lot (you all, as my inspiration, can take the credit for half of that!) It's so quiet now, I hope I haven't made it boring for everyone else. I'm gonna back off and let the rest of you yak for awhile. Any takers?

"All you need is love, love, love..."

Jimmy said...

That's a great invitation. Both the Alwun House gardens and Kim are very cool indeed. Don't let this opportunity slip away.

Liz Boyle said...