Thursday, September 28, 2006

Radio Free Phoenix's Liz Boyle Voted Best Radio Personality in Phoenix New Times Best Of Phoenix!

Hello Everybody!!

We are so excited! Our Liz Boyle was the WINNER of the Reader's Choice, Best Radio Personality, in this year's New Times!! Check it out in this weeks edition of the New Times Best of Issue on page 267 or go to the internet link:

Liz has been such an important part of Phoenix radio and here and at Radio Free Phoenix, we are proud that she is a part of our "Family" Liz has been instrumental in the evolution of Radio Free and we can't thank her enough for her devotion!

We also want to thank our listeners who went on the web and voted, nobody can say that Internet Radio is not valid now...not only did Liz win but also a local band that we adore and encouraged the listeners to vote for...Brimstone Flowers won the award for Best Local Band. I'm sure both would have won regardless because they are all super talents, but I know that we made a difference and are proud to say so!!

Please take the time to let Liz and The Brimstone Flowers know how proud we are...congratulations to them!!

Thanks so much, it goes to show that together we ALL make a difference and maybe next year, The New Times might just add a Best of Internet Radio Station category in the Listeners Choice Awards!!

Rock On!!!
Cheryl Sweet

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vagabondvet said...

Yay, Liz! You go, girl!

Congratulations are definitely in order. It was very nice to meet you, and find heart, soul and brains all wrapped up in one nice lady. My compliments, and wishes for a bright future full of great times and great friends.

Andy and Cheryl, you should be applauded too, for your dedicated work in preserving the spirit of the magical music around which our lives were (and still are!) centered. Thanks a million.