Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Coulda Been Worse...

My truck got stolen today. Right out of the parking lot at the Phoenix Art Museum, in broad daylight, no less. I was inside looking at the Illuminated Bible exhibition, and meanwhile someone was driving off in my 1986 Nissan 4x4. But here's the good news: my KCAC and KDKB memorabilia had been loaned out to Channel 8 for their upcoming special on Phoenix in the 1970s (see my previous post), and I had been scheduled to retrieve it all this morning on my way in to work. I was short on time, so I didn't do it. And then, this afternoon, coming home from work, I stopped off at the museum and... well, let's just be glad that I DIDN'T have all that stuff in the truck, because otherwise it would be gone. Anyhow, that Illuminated Bible exhibition is remarkable and well worth your time, but hurry up - it only runs through March 9th. And watch out for your ride.