Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Coulda Been Worse...

My truck got stolen today. Right out of the parking lot at the Phoenix Art Museum, in broad daylight, no less. I was inside looking at the Illuminated Bible exhibition, and meanwhile someone was driving off in my 1986 Nissan 4x4. But here's the good news: my KCAC and KDKB memorabilia had been loaned out to Channel 8 for their upcoming special on Phoenix in the 1970s (see my previous post), and I had been scheduled to retrieve it all this morning on my way in to work. I was short on time, so I didn't do it. And then, this afternoon, coming home from work, I stopped off at the museum and... well, let's just be glad that I DIDN'T have all that stuff in the truck, because otherwise it would be gone. Anyhow, that Illuminated Bible exhibition is remarkable and well worth your time, but hurry up - it only runs through March 9th. And watch out for your ride.



jimmy said...

Dang, hope the cops find your truck, Tom. I had cars stolen twice, with no theft insurance, and was lucky enough to have both recovered (though missing a few things, like stereo and wheels). Each time, it took about a month, and they turned up in salvage yards. In the meantime, I got to know the regulars on the bus. So hang in there, that old truck may return.
Good news about the memorabilia, though! Looking forward to that program.

Mariah Fleming said...

I guess the devil made 'em do it! (I can hear you groan...)

Great about the memorabilia, serendipity or something like that...but what are you gonna do about wheels?

After one theft and one attempted theft both from our driveway in broad daylight (I guess they figure everyone's at work!) the cops advised us "The Club" - is the only sure thing against car theft, even if you have an alarm system (we did and it didn't help us) Always someone around to undo the newest technology!

jimmy said...

Tom - did you ever recover your truck?

Tom Wright said...

Nope, it was never recovered. Most likely it was stripped for parts, including the brand-new tires I bought just before Christmas. The good news is that I recently bought a used, 2002 Dodge Dakota 4x4. It's nice driving a truck that actually has upholstry, and that has working air conditioning and other such luxeries.

I am still working, as time and circumstances permit, on the KCAC tapes. I recently completed digitizing one tape that features a brief cameo from Mariah Fleming! The station had been burglarized and most of their albums were stolen, and Mariah was there to loan them some of hers. Hank talks to her briefly, on-mic. I think this was May 1971 - anybody out there remember when the burglary took place?

Mariah Fleming said...

Tom, you sure made my day when you played that little snippet of Hank talking to me on the air at KCAC that day. How vividly it came back to me when I heard it!! Seriously, they talk about 'sense memories' and that was a time I can attest to it being a true phenomenon.

I remember the house where the the station was located, the way it was laid out inside, the musky smell, the welcoming atmosphere and the staff's genuine appreciation. It was sweet to hear him mention my Joni Mitchell 'Clouds' LP and to describe what I had written on the album cover. 'Clouds' was my favorite album at the time (and still is way up there!)

I can barely believe I parted with "Clouds' for a moment! And 20 or so other albums of all genres, most likely Richard and Mimi Farina, Fred Neil, Pentangle, Wendy Waldman, Janis Ian, Gil Scott Heron, Judy Collins (Marat Sade. First Boy I Loved...anyone remember those cuts?) I still have all of them. You inspired us to warm up ye olde turntable after you played it for us.

Tom, thank you so much for doing the terrific labor of love you are doing with those tapes and for taking the time to call me and surprise me with a wonderful and fun memory. I had completely forgotten that part of that day at KCAC. How bizarre to hear me talk all those years ago. I sounded so scared to speak! (I know, what the hell happened??) LOL

BTW I think it was closer to 1970 but Marty would know for sure. Yo, Marty, are you there?

Dean said...

Tom! Sorry to hear of your loss. My nephew is Pete Salazar. He is a detective in the Scottsdale PD. He got the confession of those 2 moron's that were driving around the valley shooting innocent people. No he did not water board them. Tell him Uncle Dean said to see if he could help you. When is PBS going to show the show on the 70's. Good luck in getting your truck back! Dean Berg

Mariah Fleming said...

Wow. I remember the huge sigh of relief in the Valley when those lunatics were caught. Your Uncle Dean is a knight in shining armor who has a real gift. I hope he knows that he is appreciated.

Dean said...

Mariah! Thank you for the kind words.Being an OLD hippie it was a bit tough to swallow the fact there was a policeman in my family, but I am so proud of him I could burst. If all law officers were like him this would be an even more wonderful world. Thanks again for your kind words. Dean

Tom Wright said...

Dean - Thank you, but I think my truck is gone for good, and I've already moved on with my new (used) Dodge. In any case, it sounds like your nephew has better things to do than chase down a stolen, 22-year-old beater of a truck! The whole Valley owes him our thanks for his role in getting those guys off the streets.

The Channel 8 show will probably not be completed and ready for broadcast until June at the earliest, so don't hold your breath. They returned my memorabilia, including scanned copies of most of it on DVD, but my computer crashes every time I try to view it.

Are you new to the KCAC blog? Tell us something about yourself. If you're an old hippie now, you must have been a young one once. Where? When? What you you up to in those days?