Friday, January 20, 2017


When Google discontinued Picasa Web Albums and moved everything to Google Photos, the link to KCAC Lives! Photo Album Links and Information in the sidebar was still pointing to the non-existent Picasa site.  I've updated the link so it now directs to Google Photos.  I still have to get in touch with Marty and get the new corrected link to his albums from him, and then I'll fix that one too.  My apologies for not taking care of this sooner.

The Earth turns, the seasons pass, and time marches on.  Many people are interested in the times we lived through, and the forces that shaped our journey through the sixties and seventies, and it's no wonder... they were a special moment in history, a cultural turning point, when the atrocity of the Vietnam war ran headlong into a renewed hope that we might learn to communicate and solve our problems without going to war — a hope nurtured by a growing awareness of the depths and potential of human consciousness.  It was this hope that drove us to pursue that which expands consciousness, each in our own way.  Some of us turned to careers in the arts and the media, knowing that when crafting a message, art is the universal language, and in order to reach the masses, it takes media.  Many of these people are still alive and well today, still pursuing the vision.

If you lived through those magical times, or if you're just interested in the color and texture of that little vignette in history's long march, you might find some of the entries in this blog entertaining.  We have not skimped on the nostalgia, so indulge yourself to your heart's content.  The blog hasn't seen much action lately — Facebook has provided a more feature-rich platform, but even the KCAC Lives! page there is pretty quiet.  But I know you're out there, all you quiet heroes of the revolution, still working for peace and understanding.  I salute you, Brothers and Sisters in the Light.  May your lives be long and full of deep joy.