Monday, June 25, 2007

Radio Free Phoenix Radiothon in progress now!

Radio Free Phoenix needs your help now more then ever. As an all volunteer organization dedicated to remaining commercial free, we needs your support in the form of cash donations to help pay for the basic operating cost of the station. With the looming royalty rate increases from the RIAA and rising streaming cost, RFP is now hosting a 3 day Radiothon to draw attention to the cause. If RFP is something you don't want to see disappear, please donate to help keep this great music station on the air.

Click here to find out how.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Love Workshop ad 1974

I had already posted 3 other KDKB items from 1974 when I ran across this ad from Flash magazine, 1974, touting the Love Workshop comedy show from KDKB. Love Workshop was the second effort from Tod Carroll, who teamed with Barry Friedman to create Bunkhouse Capers featuring Buck & Barry. After Barry left, moving to L.A. to become a TV writer, Tod teamed up with Wonderful Russ for another exercise in tasteless excess .. which was of course very funny! Tod later became an editor for National Lampoon, working as a writer on National Lampoon Goes to the Movies. He also wrote Clean & Sober, starring Michael Keaton in 1988. Wonderful Russ will still sell your house in 30 days or less, or you can fire him.

KDKB Ad 1974

This is the first of 3 posts of KDKB items from some old Razz Revue & Flash magazines from 1974. I love the Captain Beefheart quote.

Mr & Mrs Hall(!)

Toad Hall (Gary Kinsey) used to play a song for Phillipa every morning at 9am on KDKB. He got pretty flowery talking about her each morning, to the point where some beagn to doubt her existence (see photo caption)
Phillipa was indeed quite real, and they had 3 very real children (Ted came later)
I haven't seen Phillipa in quite a while, and last I heard the kids were living in San Diego, where they loved living with Gary when they were teenagers. Jerome taught himself to play guitar and one of my favorite memories is of him playing guitar while Gary sang at one of our Papago Park reunions. And not just any guitar .. it was Jack Alves' guitar! Thanks again to Tom Story, this is another photo from the Razz Revue "103 Irregular Arizonans" issue.

KDKB staff 1974

Recently I ran across photog Tom Story who passed on a couple of old Razz Revues, and 2 issues of Flash from 1974. The Razz issue "103 Irregular Arizonans" featured the staff of KDKB among those 103. Thought you might enjoy seeing it.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Dance to the music!

If you're ever in need of some good old school funk music, this blog features plenty of great downloads and instant streams. Here's the blogger's tribute to Sly & The Family Stone, featuring originals as well as some cool covers by everyone from Gladys Knight to Woody Herman to Brian Auger & the Trinity:


Another good funk blog, with a sample:

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Andy Hersey: Somewhere Between God and Country

Tom Wright says:

KCAC/KDKB listeners will recall that one of Bill Compton’s favorite records was John Stewart’s California Bloodlines, with songs that expressed love and hope for America without mindless flag-waving or political posturing. It was a love based on the land and the people, and on the rich traditions of freedom, equality, and opportunity that reflected the best of what America had to offer. Amidst the anguish of Vietnam and the national doubts about what we stood for, John Stewart quietly reminded us of who we were and where we came from.

Andy Hersey, a real, honest-to-God working cowboy from southeastern Arizona, has just released his second CD, Between God and Country. It is not only the finest music to come out of Arizona in the last several years, it is also a worthy successor to California Bloodlines as a statement about America during troubled times. As the title suggests, faith is also addressed, but in terms outside of and completely beyond any religious dogma. "Somewhere between God and country, I am a patriot, I’m a believer," he sings. Not unlike John Stewart’s heartfelt "Oh mother country, I do love you."

Andy was born in Tucson 40 years ago and paid his dues as a cowboy on various ranches in southeast Arizona, including the beautiful and historic San Rafael Ranch (now a State Park). He played guitar and sang old cowboy and folk songs, just for fun, ever since he was a kid; then he started covering the likes of Robert Earl Keen and Kris Kristofferson; finally he started writing and performing his own songs. A serious injury a few years ago prompted him to retire from the more physically-demanding aspects of his work. He bought a few acres of land east of Sonoita, where he now boards horses and raises a few cows and chickens. His neighbor there (and one of Andy’s former employers) is Doc Clyne, father of Roger Clyne (former leader of the Refreshments, now of Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers). Doc introduced Andy to Roger, they formed a fast friendship, and Roger - blown away by Andy’s original songs - encouraged him to "go professional."

Andy’s first CD was CompaƱero Blanco, released independently in 2002. It’s a flat-out masterpiece. The title song describes his time on the San Rafael Ranch: the beauty of the land, the rewards of hard work, and the friendship that grew between Andy and Reuben Cebellos, the ranch foreman who spoke only Spanish and described the San Rafael as "occupied Mexico." This is strong, vivid, writing that says our common humanity and love of the land outshines the differences imposed by borders and fences and political rhetoric. There are several more cowboy-oriented songs on the album, along with a series of love-gone-wrong tunes that look back on failed relationships sometimes with regret, sometimes with bitterness, but often with humor. The music is a hybrid of country, rock, and folk - not a slick Nashville sound, or some market-driven fakery, but an honest, no-bullshit blend of American roots music with a strong Southwestern accent.

The new CD, Between God and Country, goes even farther. I’m tempted to just reprint the lyrics to the title song in their entirety here, but I won’t... I’ll just say it’s a meditation on those two topics, framed by a story about a blacksmith hammering out a new shoe for a lame horse, swearing that "by God she’ll walk away sound" as he looks up to the nearby Mustang Mountains, where he’s found a spirit that "brought me closer to God than a pulpit." All through the song are images of smoke and flame, sparks shooting out "like agave leaves" as the hammer strikes the red-hot iron, and a hand-forged cross hanging on the wall beneath the tin roof. Then there’s a final, spine-tingling line that fuses the themes and the imagery in a way that will leave you breathless (if you have ears, and a heart). As if that weren’t enough, the CD also contains another group of rueful lost-love songs, the rollicking "Mexican Moonshine" (co-written with Roger Clyne); a Marty Robbins-style western story with an Ennio Morricone-like arrangement ("Roughshod Range"), a stomping rocker ("Burning Georgia Down" [more fire imagery]), and a cheerful statement that he intends to go his own damn way - in life and in the music business - no matter what his critics might say ("Smile and Wave").

So there you have it: two self-released albums by a nearly-unknown singer-songwriter from the ranching country of southeastern Arizona. Both of them put most current, nationally-known artists’ work to shame.

Andy will be having a CD release party at the Last Exit in Tempe (southwestern corner of Southern and Priest) on Saturday, June 30th, around 10:30 P.M. Be there! Buy his CDs! He always puts on a fine show: all original music, all performed with energy and passion and total commitment, usually lasting 2 hours or more. Visit his website ( for more information. He even has his new CD posted there as streaming audio so you can check it out for free.

Finally: no, I’m not his agent or publicist or any sort of a relative. I’m just someone who happened to see him at the Yucca Tap Room a few years ago and, after scraping myself off the ceiling, set out to spread the word about this major, home-grown, uniquely Arizona artist. I wouldn’t steer you wrong - this Sonoita rancher/singer/songwriter is our John Stewart, our Townes Van Zandt, our Guy Clark and John Prine and Robert Earl Keen. Yes, he’s really that good.


Monday, June 11, 2007

Movie Alert!

A few months ago there was a flurry of blog postings about movies filmed in Arizona. An obscure, older Arizona film will be on TV this week:

Lust for Gold (1949) with Glenn Ford and Ida Lupino, searching for the Lost Dutchman Mine; filmed along the Apache Trail.

Watch for it on Turner Classic Movies (TCM, Channel 42 on Cox), very early Wednesday morning (3 to 4:30 A.M.). The time is rather inconvenient but that's why God made Tivo. Or VCR's, if you haven't made that technological leap yet.


Friday, June 08, 2007


When the applause is too polite.
When the words don't quite fit the song.
When you realize you will never really know the people you've been drinking with.
When the next Love or Life Experience calls out to you.
When you know you must empty yourself and make the space.

Even trees move as they grow.

And that as they say, is that.

Artist: Tom Rush
Song: No Regrets

I know your leavin's too long overdue
For far too long I've had nothin' new to show to you
Goodbye dry eyes I watched your plane
Fade off west of the moon
And it felt so strange to walk away alone

No regrets, no tears goodbye
Don't want you back, we'd only cry, again
Say goodbye, again

The hours that were yours, echo like empty rooms
The thoughts we used to share, I now keep alone
I woke last night and spoke to you,
not thinking you were gone
It felt so strange to lie awake, alone

No regrets, no tears goodbye
Don't want you back, we'd only cry, again
Say goodbye, again

Our friends have tried to turn my nights to day
Strange faces in your place can't keep the ghosts away
Just beyond the darkest hour, just behind the dawn
Still feels so strange to lead my life, alone

I've no regrets, no tears goodbye
Don't want you back, we'd only cry, again
Say goodbye, again

Monday, June 04, 2007

No Joke

Dear Friends, Allies and Associates

Sometimes there seems an awkward silence on the blog after postings… especially after some of my awkward written attempts at humor, which I do often… and find useful and effective sometimes in live situations…

It may be me but… it seems something gets lost in the ebb and flow when this stuff is written out and analyzed out of live context. Maybe it’s the nature of the medium, or the nature of the blogger…

I want to apologize to any and all of the people I respect so much on this blog if anyone was offended by any of my posting.

I don’t know if I’ll ever change and I already hate “political correctness” and “people doing the worst things for the best reasons”… but I fight for and respect you and your rights…

I do love you all…

Yours Truly

Bruce Frank

Saturday, June 02, 2007

About that Croc...

Damm... I cant even sign in...!!@*&%@@... OK! got it. My computer remembered the sigh-in!
What i meant to say was nice setup Tom... for your new computer, very adequate for music to the n'th degree... and video with it... my computer only half that, and I do studio sound on sound... up to 16 tracks plus playback while recording tracks with it... you got enough to rock! Hope all your fucks turn out well. I've been corrected on writing fuck on this blog... as in 'i can't fuckin wait! [for the future...] hear me now believe me later or your money back!
...anyway fuck has over 25 distinct meanings and uses... making it hard to write with such a big part of my vocabulary missing... Oh the trials!
About that crocodile though... sounds easer than "drinking a quart of whiskey, fucking an Eskimo and wrestling a bear" which is another path I've heard of!... [don't drink the whiskey first!] but thats another story and another path!
There are many paths and many secret organizations that illuminate you by degrees, till finally, you get to hear the innermost secret of enlightenment... to be illuminated! such man after many years of hard work, study and advancement...
reached the highest degree of learning and in an elaborate ceremony was to receive... "The Secret", whispered in his ear by the Grand Wazoo himself. He was amazed at the clarity and simplicity of this grand secret... he shared it with me. I hesitate to share it here with with so many un-initiates in the craft but... the time has come for all to be revealed... Please take this to heart an cherish it, and its truth.

"THE BROTHERHOOD OF ALL MANKIND" careful who you tell this to as they may not understand, anyway, without the proper training to handle it!

From the BoZone
Bruce Frank