Monday, June 04, 2007

No Joke

Dear Friends, Allies and Associates

Sometimes there seems an awkward silence on the blog after postings… especially after some of my awkward written attempts at humor, which I do often… and find useful and effective sometimes in live situations…

It may be me but… it seems something gets lost in the ebb and flow when this stuff is written out and analyzed out of live context. Maybe it’s the nature of the medium, or the nature of the blogger…

I want to apologize to any and all of the people I respect so much on this blog if anyone was offended by any of my posting.

I don’t know if I’ll ever change and I already hate “political correctness” and “people doing the worst things for the best reasons”… but I fight for and respect you and your rights…

I do love you all…

Yours Truly

Bruce Frank

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Other than the contemplation of Death and Judgement we as human beings suffer from a HUGE overdose of what we call DIGNITY.

Dignity allows us to pretend that we are whom we are not. Dignity motivates the social interactions and interplay of all mankind as it causes constipation, lies and MOST of the other problems of Mankind including War, murder, all the seven deadly sins and inevitably our loss of individual personal freedom.

DIGINITY should be reserved for the sacred respect of God who is the ONLY gentleman who will not betray that honor.

As we age and shit our pants, Dignity becomes more and more important to each of us because it gives us a reason to HIDE our embarrasments. Ask Hitler or that old guy in the store trying not to fart.... or that laughing baby, who just did.

This is why I find you and your postings SO refreshing! God himself must chuckle deeply at who we pretend to be - nay, who we think we are.

Rock on sir, it totally befuddles the Respectable, Dignified ones - those of us living The Lie, to see somone so free.


Tom Wright said...

Bruce - I'm not offended at all... how could I be, after my crocodile story??? Yes, sometimes there is an awkward silence after postings. So let's hear from the rest of you, dammit! And MY apologies to Marty for burying his wonderful photos and Janis Joplin story underneath my croc posting.

Bruce Frank said...

OK… I needed some reassurance… and will not be silent. Its plain people only show you who they want you to think they are… and I don’t care… but just to show I don’t represent one point of view for ridicule…
Let me offer this observation my sister loved…

Q…Why do men like big tits and little pussys…

A… Because it fits there big mouths and little dicks

Sorry guys… all’s fair

Back in the BoZone

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,
I love your spirit and what you all have to say. But I 'shut down' when I read Bruce's joke about "pussy" and 'tits.' And I've figured out why.

So, did it offend me? No, they're just words in a silly joke. A fan of Carlin's "7 Words You Can't Say on TV" and a diehard 'Family Guy' viewer isn't a hothouse flower. So what was it that put a knot in my stomach when I read Bruce's joke on here?

FEAR. It scares me to have words like that on our blog. Predatory trolls sift through blogs to find any hint of 'sex.' I don't want our site our ourselves targeted by internet sex stalkers.

We have a sort of mind sanctuary here. Our community shares a self effacing outlook and lack of high minded bull shit.

As a female, maybe I take these things too seriously. Not many women have been reading or posting recently so I don't know.

Anyway, of course y'all do whatever you want. I am just being brutally honest. Not easily done except with folks like you. Thanks.

Signing off. Over and out. (o:

Bruce Frank said...

Got ya! Point well taken and thanks for your honesty

Tom Wright said...

I tend to agree with YLOPE, and I'm sorry if my "crocodile" story contributed to any coarsening of the blog content. Let's keep our discussions spirited, but I promise to keep my future postings at a PG-13 level. YLOPE, thanks for the brutal honesty and please offer more of the same whenever it is needed. The same goes for ALL blog readers - let's hear from you!

Tom said...


THERE IS ANOTHER DANGER that surpasses the Fear of Trolls and Stalkers here.... Censorship.

Whether we do it by opinion or by outright editorial deletion, cencorship is poison to the creative spirit and there IS some creative spirit left in the writers, emcees, DJ's, musicians and other artistic types that that frequent these digital pages.

Doncha think Mariah (Your Lady Of Perpetual Encouragement) that we ASSUME and take on the role of victim when we embrace fears of being stalked, molested, raped or having our sandwich stolen by the boogie guy? And don't the demographics show that you are much more likely to be run down by a Greyhound with a CIA agent behind the wheel than to be a victim of a reader of this BLOG?

Fear not dear lady - not from this realm. And not to betray a trust but was it not you who sent me the MP3 of Monty Python's "The Word Fuck" sometime back? Hilarious, by the way but THAT would be far more likely to draw the attention of the REAL Internet Spooks far more than a casual cussword.

I AM NOT NEGATING THE POSSIBILITY that in the REST of your gregarious lifestyle, you may have indeed attracted the attention of someone who takes a shine to you -AND- because of your psychic abilities, may have picked up on something sinister in your space. But here? You are among friends.

I have noticed that I no longer attract young girls or younger women. Even older ones, come to think of it.

WE ARE BECOMING OUR PARENTS. With luck the metamorphisis will occur WITHOUT their fears being transfered also.

Love to you YLOPE
You too Bruce.
May you both get laid by mistake.


Anonymous said...

So many Apollo-gies,
So little Time...:

All Correctness, All the Time ?
We have freedom of speech, provided no one is offended ?

Anonymous said...

RE: So many Apollo-gies,
So little Time...:
All Correctness, All the Time ?
We have freedom of speech, provided no one is offended ?

All judgmental, all the time?
No one said they were offended by language or content. Doesn't it get a little uncomfortable sitting on that high horse?

Tom Wright said...

Hmmm... it's just a matter of courtesy and common sense to me. If you're part of a friendly group of people with many common interests, why go out of your way to say things or to use languge that you know one of them finds offensive? What's the point? This is not about censorship or political correctness; it's about friendship and respect. If you really WANT to offend and alienate someone, go right ahead - but don't whine about it when they use their own freedom of speech to give you an honest response.

Tom said...

Well, I LIKED the Sacred Crocodile story..... A LOT.

There are so many common denominators in our various tribal and non-tribal societies, that it really pulls together the Human Experience and the need for COURAGE when we face the unknown.

In the white-guy world you have the "Git 'er done" edict. Getting back on after a faqll from a horse (or motorcycle) and in the other realms of society, a host of challenging rituals that cause us to push our limits..... big time, amongst the Native Americans. Those rituals can be as horriffic as blood-letting or as mundane as a bar-Mitzvah. Depends on where your coming from and who's Yo Daddy.

Doing the Sacred Crocodile (dance by that name under development and being choreographed as we speak) can only be a Rite Of Passage. Perhaps even under the influence of some natural herbs, drinks and hallocinogens. Bruce and I know of a form of SAGE that when applied to fish or poultry, will bring out the flavor of these dishes both for you, the Sacred Crocodile and a gal in the spiritual world named Sally who can tame, control and command the crocodile. Awesome gal.

Manners don't come into play where she is concerned. You simply obey.

We may all be watching different channels here. Sometimes fucking the sacred crocodile is the only way to get to use our "other" vision