Saturday, June 02, 2007

About that Croc...

Damm... I cant even sign in...!!@*&%@@... OK! got it. My computer remembered the sigh-in!
What i meant to say was nice setup Tom... for your new computer, very adequate for music to the n'th degree... and video with it... my computer only half that, and I do studio sound on sound... up to 16 tracks plus playback while recording tracks with it... you got enough to rock! Hope all your fucks turn out well. I've been corrected on writing fuck on this blog... as in 'i can't fuckin wait! [for the future...] hear me now believe me later or your money back!
...anyway fuck has over 25 distinct meanings and uses... making it hard to write with such a big part of my vocabulary missing... Oh the trials!
About that crocodile though... sounds easer than "drinking a quart of whiskey, fucking an Eskimo and wrestling a bear" which is another path I've heard of!... [don't drink the whiskey first!] but thats another story and another path!
There are many paths and many secret organizations that illuminate you by degrees, till finally, you get to hear the innermost secret of enlightenment... to be illuminated! such man after many years of hard work, study and advancement...
reached the highest degree of learning and in an elaborate ceremony was to receive... "The Secret", whispered in his ear by the Grand Wazoo himself. He was amazed at the clarity and simplicity of this grand secret... he shared it with me. I hesitate to share it here with with so many un-initiates in the craft but... the time has come for all to be revealed... Please take this to heart an cherish it, and its truth.

"THE BROTHERHOOD OF ALL MANKIND" careful who you tell this to as they may not understand, anyway, without the proper training to handle it!

From the BoZone
Bruce Frank

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