Sunday, June 24, 2007

KDKB staff 1974

Recently I ran across photog Tom Story who passed on a couple of old Razz Revues, and 2 issues of Flash from 1974. The Razz issue "103 Irregular Arizonans" featured the staff of KDKB among those 103. Thought you might enjoy seeing it.

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Mariah Fleming said...

Wow, this is terrific stuff to read. Takes me back to the days when I was finagled into doing some Love Workshop voiceovers by Russ and Tod with a friendly shove from Dennis McBroom.

RFP occassionally plays Love Workshop bits among the treasure trove of other gems Andy has over at RFP.

I was the voice of the First Women's National Credit and Trust Bank ads (3 of them) and in the sketch about the Circle K and one unfortunate baby in "Snacks."

I will never forget these lines from one of the bank ads: "And for those of you who find procreation cumbersome and distasteful we have our very own Sperm Bank. For a deposit of $100 you will receive 100,000 free sperm. (etc. etc.) First Women's Nartional Credit and Trust Bank run by women, for women."

I think the idea for the sketch must have come from the actual women's bank that opened in NYC in the women's lib heyday (around the time of the bra burning that never actually happened!) The women who opened the bank embezzled the money. Scandalous and GREAT PR for the ultra right wing.

The bank ads also featured my one and only hit single (ha!) a jingle I hurriedly put together that's tacked onto the end of the ads. It sweetly sings:
"because you're a woman American Women's Credit and Trust is here."

I was told the station got a letter from the AZ State Fiduciary Commission ordering them to 'cease and desist' the ads for the fictitious bank. Seems like it took them awhile to figure out that it was a joke! I never heard the full story about what happened but the bank ads abruptly stopped as I recall.

Do any of you KDKB pioneers remember the bank ad featuring and endorsement by none other than Shirley MacClaine? I got to be Shirley MacClaine announcing in her heartfelt way: "In my recent trip through China, the one thing the peasant women everywhere told me they wanted was their own bank." And their little red books.

My die hard feminist friends at the time were appalled at me for taking part in the Love Workshop at all, and teeny as my part was it helped get me railroaded out of a local women's organizations I was instrumental in getting started. Best reason I ever got axed! (o:

Oh well, like most socio political movements I've ever known about, it lacked the one ingredient mandatory to survival...A SENSE OF HUMOR.

Speaking of creative writing, the ads on KCAC and KDKB were priceless...didn't you all win some awards for your writing of those ads?

Thanks for sharing these bits and pieces...more, more, more. It's never been the same here since you guys gave this Valley KCAC KDKB. Krazy Dog, Krazy Boy(s) indeed.