Saturday, March 18, 2006

Marty's AZ Hall of Fame!

Those of you who have contributed so much to that incredible era (the KCAC/KDKB family so to speak) in Arizona's music history have given us much to cherish. Never underestimate what you all mean to the Valley. It is so important for you to be seen and heard. You are all part of a living legacy.

I hope you will all attend the next Az Music and Entertainment Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. If you haven't checked out the AMEHOF web site lately, AMEHOF is in the process of updating it ( Soon there will be a picture section with archival AMEHOF photos, photos of the last induction ceremony, photos of the Advisory Board event that was held this month and much more.

The AZ MUSIC AND ENTERTAINMENT HALL OF FAME is going strong in spite of seeming to be mum since last year's induction. For instance, in December AMEHOF elected Rich Hazelwood, owner of the Celebrity Theatre, as the new AMEHOF Board of Director's President. With the AMEHOF Board putting their heads together and their noses to the grindstone, it's full speed ahead!

Lots of great changes and surprises are in store. The Celebrity is a perfect fit for AMEHOF. Those of you who have been in the Valley since the 1960's know the historic relevance of the Celebrity to the music scene over the years. At the New Years Eve Jerry Riopelle concert, Rich Hazelwood auctioned off two guitars and raised in the neighborhood of $30,000 for AMEHOF. And that's just the beginning.

Thanks for being such a big part of what matters.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Recent gathering

(Photo: Steve Zind & Marty Manning at KCAC studio on 24th Street shortly before move to KDKB, August 1981)

Last Friday (March 10) a group of us got together at the Duck & Decanter. Steve Zind was visiting (and escaping the snow) from Vermont where he works for Vermont Public Radio.  Of course we know that all radio in Vermont is Public Radio and everyone wears Birkenstocks.  Nonetheless it was nice to see him.
Listen to this list of luminaries who happened by:  Wonderful Russ, Carole Compton Glenn, Mike Goodman, Kent Usry, Julie Flanigan, and the fabled Jim Murray as well as the even more fabled Bob Gateley.  I'm sure I missed somebody.  A highlight was listening to some great live music from our old friends Bob Meighan, Norm Pratt, and Dick Furlow.  They sound great and it was such a treat to hear beautiful songs done well.  Make sure you catch them when you get a chance.
- Marty Manning