Saturday, January 30, 2016

Coming up this afternoon January 30th at 5pm (Arizona time) & Sunday January 31st at 3pm (Arizona time), Radio Free Phoenix will be presenting "A tribute to Nina Joy", Arizona's first lady of FM Radio!

Nina came from Vermont and got her start in Arizona radio on KWFM in Tucson – a year later she was hired by Bill Compton and joined the staff of the underground KDKB. Her name was Nina Joy, Arizona’s celebrated first lady on FM radio. As one of the early female rock radio air talents, her distinctive style quickly garnered her a faithful following and earned her the status of “radio legend”.
Nina passed away in late November and we here at Radio Free Phoenix wish to honor her this weekend with a musical tribute to her life along with reflections from many of those that worked with Nina.

Nina will be fondly remembered by many of those that knew and worked with her including Janie Snyder (of KWFM), Scott Nicholson (KDKB’s evening DJ) Ted Stratton (KDKB news guy), Mark Mykanen (KDKB news director), Steve Zind (KCAC, KDKB & KWFM), Barry Everitt (KDKB morning host era 1976), Johnny D, Bob Boze Bell, Lee Powell, Hans Olson, Marty Manning, Jack Alves and many others. Join RFP for this moving tribute to the memory of Nina Joy as hosted by Andy Olson.

It’s a celebration of the life of Nina Joy this Saturday, January 30th at 5pm & an encore presentation Sunday, January 31st at 3pm Arizona Time on Radio Free Phoenix.

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