Friday, March 27, 2009

The Love Workshop Box Set

Finally after working on this for several years, "The Love Workshop Box Set" is now finished and available as a 6 CD set from Radio Free Phoenix. This collection features 35 episodes (restored, remastered & speed & volume corrected) of this great lost comedy show that aired on KDKB back in 1976. This Box Set has been officially sanctioned by Russell Shaw along with material from "The Razz Revue" magazine courtesy of Bob Boze Bell. "The Love Workshop" featured Wonderful Russ (Shaw) & Todd Carroll along with a cast of others including Bill Compton, Mariah Fleming, Lee Powell, Nina Joy and others whose names are now lost to history.

In the booklet notes for the set, Russell Shaw writes, "It was our benefactor, Bill Compton who allowed us to have it on the air. It was Bill who put it on the air and it was Bill who kept it on the air over the endless objections of station management"

Now you can buy and listen to this amazing CD set from Radio Free Phoenix. Here's the link:

Love Workshop Box Set

All proceeds go towards paying the basic operating costs of, one of the last free form rock station on the planet!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


As advertised, Daiel Page popped by for some introspective mind-expansion on his way from Austin to Armadillo/Gnu Mexico/Aridzona and points North.

What an absolute gas of a visit. We had coffee and some exquisite tea that really brought the beauty out of an 85-degree day. First one here this year.

Dan took some pics of me and and my multiple personalities.. (wife, son and Mom) and I recon he will be posting them here eventually.

Absolutely the brightest spot in well over one month. Our next one will be the Leonard Cohen Concert coming up on the 3rd.

Between the two, I would choose a visit from Dan any day.

Rebirth is a continuing process.


Sunday, March 01, 2009

Bill Compton's complete Frank Zappa Interview from 1974 on Radio Free Phoenix!

This Sunday March 1st, Radio Free Phoenix presents on Tom Tuerff's "Zappa Universe" at 6 & 11pm (MST) the complete Bill Compton interview with Frank Zappa as aired on KDKB on July 17th 1974. This long lost interview was rescued from Bill Compton's original tapes by Hans Olson who meticulously converted the recording from broken splice to splice--Listen in at