Thursday, March 19, 2009


As advertised, Daiel Page popped by for some introspective mind-expansion on his way from Austin to Armadillo/Gnu Mexico/Aridzona and points North.

What an absolute gas of a visit. We had coffee and some exquisite tea that really brought the beauty out of an 85-degree day. First one here this year.

Dan took some pics of me and and my multiple personalities.. (wife, son and Mom) and I recon he will be posting them here eventually.

Absolutely the brightest spot in well over one month. Our next one will be the Leonard Cohen Concert coming up on the 3rd.

Between the two, I would choose a visit from Dan any day.

Rebirth is a continuing process.



Mariah Fleming said...

Wow, that picture is amazing...where is it? And your post absolutely made my day (or night, such as it is) It's SO good to hear you and to know that you and Daniel got together...

it was wonderful seeing him at the Alwun RB reunion...and I agree with you...he's pure joy! Can't wait to see the photos of your 'multiple personalities' (o; Pls post em all!

god is alive magic is afoot!

Fran Bennett said...

That must have been some amazing tea indeed! Izzat Superman's Fortress of Solitude?

Anonymous said...

YO Fran and Mariah. Yep, that Dan is good medicine. Makes me want to get a motorcycle and burn some gas.

THE PICTURE is for real... Quartz crystals discovered in a cave in Mexico. Absolutely no public admitted but the pics are great and can be Googled. I cannot help but wonder if such crystals are the tuning fork for Oooommmmmmmmm.

WOW... the word I have to copy to post this message is; "BONGSNIT"
♥ Ron

Cammie Noel said...

OMG that's not Photoshop????

And we can't see it for reals???

Fat Ugly Bummer!

vagabondvet said...

Howdy! I made it home in one piece. Won peace, too. Lucky guy, I reckon. What a trip... I left Austin with some wonderful memories, it's a great town, and of course it's Texas' musical heaven. My visit with Ron in Ft. Worth was necessarily short, I just stopped for a couple hours, but it was really nice to finally get to see Ron for the first time since about '71. I did upload a bunch of my pictures, including some of Ron and family to a new album. Ron, you're lookin' good, man. Thanks for the warm hospitality, I've been wanting to reconnect with you for quite a while. I sure hope you can make it to the next reunion, it would be a joyous occasion.

Love ya all...


Marty said...

BOngsnit: Petulant attitude brought on by dirty water in your hookah

Anonymous said...

"BOngsnit: Petulant attitude brought on by dirty water in your hookah." Only you could come up with that! You should put it on Wikipedia!!!!!!!!!!

How awesome to have been on Daniel's trip with him...Ron got a chance to be a small part of it, and Daniel make us a part by sending us his updates!

Daniel, is downtown Austin still happening arts and music wise? Did you go to Mama Rosa's downtown (is it 8th Ave that hops or 7 St...I can't remember anymore)

If Mama Rosa's still there (way hip, laid back restaurant and venue) I saw lots of great music there when I lived there in early 90's...James McMurtry, Doc Watson...hope you got to experience the place.

Too lazy to sign it, so today I am just anon.
My word is "stacepa." Not as good as Ron's. LOL.