Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Poser or Poet?

This isn't the 'Hide and Seek Blog." But recently the blog's been caught up in a silly game with spam that gets sillier every day. So, on the assumption that the spammer is a 'who' here's an idea...

The bogus ads are a sleeper, but the stuff tacked on to the end of the posts is worth a look. It's always what appears to be a sort of stream of consciousness 'poetry' that jabs at the status quo...or perhaps it's just some weird set of random words that have an unintended relationship (just giving the benefit of the doubt to the so called human mind.)

The thing is, the blog will automatically delete spam no matter how creative some of it might be. So how about coming out of hiding? If you want to participate in this blog, leave a comment in the blog "comments" section. It gets pretty interesting at times. Sometimes comments wind up on the site redone as posts and ouila! New topics.

This site is dedicated to some truly amazing people who have given a lot to our community. Some of them have died, and the KCAC Lives Blog is a sort of living tribute to them. Please respect the intentions of the blog. Feel free to leave a comment, open a dialogue...that's what the blog is here for. But get on or get off the bus, y'know? There's room for anyone to get on the bus but you have to come through the door like the rest of us travelers.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Woodstock Pictures!


Bob Gately has provided us with a set of Woodstock pictures. I tried to post them here but discovered I couldn't upload more than five in one post, so I made a Webshots album for them instead: Woodstock Pictures.

Bob, thanks - and if you have additional input on these, please post a comment! And thanks to you, Mariah, for forwarding them on...

Peace an' Love an' all Goodness...


Thursday, May 25, 2006

Anonymous emailing to blog disabled... WRONG!


I think I figured it out... each of us has our own logon id for the site, and Jimmy created an account for kcac.fans, which allowed anyone to post anonymously to the blog by emailing to kcac.group(at)blogger.com. I've deleted that member account, so it won't work any more. If any of you want to be able to email posts to the blog, click on the "Blogger" icon in the upper left corner of the blog, click the Settings tab, click Email, and complete the email to blogger address. Make sure the Publish button is checked. I think this will stop the spam postings. Have a great day!

Monday, May 22, 2006


Arizona has a fantastic music history that is mostly hidden away in personal collections. Bob Gately has a terrific idea so I've taken the liberty of reprinting his comment (from the 'Emailing Spam' topic in comments section.)

"There are a whole lot of images of our past that rest in the archives of photographer, Tom Story. Tom was a high school press guy that I gave backstage passes to back in the olden days. He has an awesome collection of early (60/70's) Rock n Roll concerts and such. Tom is now our forest fire photographer but has maintained his collection of early Az Rock n Roll.

Tom must have shot 10 rolls at our Janis Joplin show at Tempe stadium in '69 and has some great shots of Annie Leibowitz shooting Goose Creek Symphony at our KRIZ Beach Boy concert at Phoenix Municipal stadium to raise the money for the first Terros ambulance in 1970...??? Somebody might make a interesting portfolio of his work and MAKE A STATEMENT ON OUR CONTRIBUTION TO THE EVOLUTION OF MUSIC IN OUR VALLEY, AND THE PLANET.

I just spoke to Tom and he's ready and willing to make some prints for posterity. How 'bout a show at the Icehouse next fall ? Spoke to Charlie Gearhart the other night and he was going to talk to the boys about doing a show here in town..It would be the first since New Times profiled them in 92." - Bob Gately

Now that's a fabulous idea, no?? "Make a statement" indeed!! It's such a cool idea and It reinforces how fortunate we are that Jimmy Magahern started this great site. Through Jimmy Magahern's efforts many of the people who have ties to Arizona's musical past have a place to come together, reminisce and remind each other what an indelible time we lived through. Also, seems like it'd be a tribute to Jimmy's site for us all to get behind this idea.

So, what do you think, 'KCAC LIVES' family??? We can help make this a reality! Another 'HAPPENING' is long overdue...just about 4 decades overdue!!!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Emailing spam to the blog...


I've been deleting a number of "spam" posts, several in the last few days, and I'm wondering if any of you post by email. If so, that's cool, we can leave that feature enabled - but if not, then perhaps we could disable this option to reduce the junk ad posts? There's also an option called Word Verification, which would require a poster to enter a sequence of letters and/or numbers to ensure they're really a live person rather than a spamming program - I don't think we need to do this, at least not yet, as most or all of the recent offending entries have been posted by email, but it's available if we need it.

Jimmy, you're the founder, and probably most familiar with the issues involved here, what do you think? It hasn't really become a problem for me to delete the posts, just a minor annoyance at this point, but if we can nip it in the bud that would be nice.

Also looking for any feedback from other members here...

My brother just rented the Woodstock movie again... gotta watch that every once in a while, don't-cha-know.

Hope everyone's havin' a good night...


Thursday, May 18, 2006

Phone it in!

Testing out some more new technology here. Now you can phone in what you'd like to say on this blog, and it will magically show up in the above menu as a playable audio file (click the first message to hear my awkward greeting).
Here's the number to call (use Skype on your computer, and there'll be no long distance charges):
When prompted for your phone number, type:
For the PIN, type:

Give it a try! It's fun, and old pals who visit here will be able to hear your voice!

(For anyone curious about the phone number and PIN, it's actually the Petrie's phone number on the old Dick Van Dyke Show - before TV went with all 555 area codes! - and the PIN can be remembered by typing "rosebud" on your touchtone phone. Devout Petrie-heads will pick up on the reference. Think of it as the Van Dyke Code.)

Old sounds, new tech

Below is a neat little player for listening to podcasts on a webpage. It's from a site called Odeo, which seems intended to make posting podcasts as easy as Flickr makes sharing photos, or YouTube makes sharing videos.
Anyway, here's a sample from the Firesign Theater's podcast, which includes both recent and ancient comedy bits from the troupe. This clip will undoubtedly be familiar to anyone who used to listen to KCAC or the early KDKB:

powered by ODEO

Monday, May 15, 2006

Inspiration that's a bargain...

After reading Andy Olson's info about Dan Bern and listening to audio clips I'm a believer. And I just learned that right now the prices of "My Country II" "Anthems" and "Quitting Science" have been reduced. I'm gonna grab 'em before they're gone. I suggest anyone who is into inspired social/political commentary via the art of songwriting definitely check it out. The link to clips is in Andy's post of a few days ago. Link to sale:

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Neil Young-Qwest's New Spokesman?

Check out Neil Young's tv ad for 'Living With War.' I saw it after 10pm on CBS or the Comedy Channel yesterday. It's simple and bold. Just the graphics of his album and the voiceover "YOU'RE THE DECIDER!!" How cool is that? Has anyone else seen it? I'm curious to know how many stations will accept his ad? Interesting to find out...

Speaking of free speech, who'd of thunk it...both the former and current CEO of Qwest refused to hand over phone records illegally to the government (as opposed to ATT, Bell South, Verizon.) Qwest has had a bad reputation for many reasons, but this time, they did it right and they deserve props, no? If you write to them they will actually reply!! You can be sure they'll hear from those who accuse them of being "against America's fight against terrorism!"

Executive Offices
1801 California; Suite 5200
Denver, Colorado 80202

Friday, May 12, 2006

Bob Dylan: radio host

If you've got XM satellite radio, perhaps you've been catching Bob Dylan's radio show, where the legend hosts an hour long show tied around a different theme each week.
If you don't have XM, you can (at least for the moment) catch the latest program on this page. If it's not already playing, click the player in the left column, under, "Bob Dylan's Radio Show."
This guy has potential. Probably woulda fit in good with the KCAC staff . . .

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Yep, you're the one at all the concerts wishing; "Damn, I'd love to sit down at those drums and just ROCK OUT!" Go ahead. You know you wanna.
Have fun

Ron Wortham

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Neil Young-Buying Freedom in the 21st Century?

Leave it to RFP’s Andy Olson. He turns us on to inspired music and isn't afraid to say what he thinks about what's happening to freedom in America. Is it an exaggeration to say that what Radio Free Phoenix is doing is an act of patriotism? How many in music radio have the courage to share personal beliefs? Olson's comments about Neil Young illustrate RFP's dedication to changing the status quo. Neil Young's iconic status and wealth may assure that his outstanding "Living With War" will get played on corporate radio. But what about others? Artist 'blacklists' are part of a 21st century 'McCarthy Era.' Supporting Neil Young, supporting Radio Free Phoenix...is supporting freedom. How much is that worth to us?

Today's radio is a dead end. Artists struggle to be heard, even some well established ones. RFP found a way around the dead end by creating radio that is not mindless and impersonal. Anyone who listened to Andy Olson on Valley airwaves during the last couple of decades knows he's an individual with a mind of his own. And he is an encyclopedia of musical knowledge. From the well known to the infinitesimally obscure, Andy Olson is the ‘go to’ guy. So RFP can offer up gems like the back stories, personal anecdotes and history behind songs and the times they represent. RFP is a living chronicle of our musical and social history. How much is that worth to us?

Bill Compton was legendary for creating unforgettable musical and motivating moments in Arizona radio. KCAC's relationship to listeners was a personal one. So is RFP's. Some thirty years later those KCAC memories still evoke a visceral reaction and RFP continues in that tradition. I'll always be proud that I was given the opportunity to be a small part of it. We would likely have none of the courageous, socially conscious songs we cherish if the media monopolies that have spawned satellite radio had been legal decades ago. Without the determination and honesty of RFP, radio as it was meant to be in the ‘good old USA’ would be part of the 'Antiques Roadshow.'

President Bush has said "you can't put a price on freedom." He's right. The value of freedom is immeasurable. But while the 21st Century has been hailed as the "new communications age" freedom appears to be something that may cease to exist...unless we support freedom with our voices and our pocketbooks.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Even More on Neil Young's Living With War

Whatever your politics or whatever you think about Neil Young, he's exercising his freedom of speech, a freedom which seems to have been run into the ground the last several years. When people take a recording artist to task because of what they wrote or sang of a political nature, then there's a problem. In addition to the Young record, back in 2004, singer-songwriter, Dan Bern release an 8 song CD called My Country II: Music To Beat Bush By. With songs like Tyranny, After The Parade, The Torn Flag & Bush Must Be Defeated, Dan Bern also stepped up to the plate to let his voice be heard. Here's a link to the Dan Bern discography & lyric archives.

More on Neil's Living With War album...

A nice article by Lynn Saxberg at the Ottowa Citizen:

"Get set for the Summer of Protest. With the blast of rock on his powerful new record, Living With War, Neil Young is issuing a cry that has the potential to turn moms, dads and misfits alike into peace activists.

It's a sharp-edged, urgent manifesto for our time, a message that is delivered with such passion that it will resonate across the demographics and quite likely serve as a unifying voice for the growing dissatisfaction with the policies of U.S. President George Bush."


Sunday, May 07, 2006

Whatever Happened to Conor Oberst?

Conor Oberst is one of the "missing" young artists Neil Young was hoping to find when he gave up his search and wrote his own great new songs. It would be something if Young would tour with Oberst as his opener. But it's not surprising that Neil Young probably had never heard of Conor Oberst (aka 'Bright Eyes.') Conor Oberst appeared only once, on Leno last year, to sing his powerful song about Bush's policies.

It was amazing that he got away with doing the material, but he did perform it solo with his guitar, so perhaps NBC didn't realize what he was going to do until it was over! The audience was awed by his brave and heartfelt delivery. He received a whilrwind of applause and then, pretty much...POOF!! It's no big surprise though when the airwaves are run by corporate thugs whose money lines politician's pockets. It's just one more reason why stations like Radio Free Phoenix need our support. Without them we wouldn't hear a lot of the music that's being done today.

So many people are bummed out by censorship, monopolization of the arts, etc. and feel powerless to do anything about it. Yeah, the system has got us por las bolas. But right here in our own backyard we have an Arizona beacon of freedom. We have free airwaves as they were meant to be, and a huge variety of uncensored music and info about artists...all on Radio Free Phoenix. Each of us can be part of saving an important piece of America's culture-the music we love-by supporting Radio Free Phoenix. RFP needs community support now just like the legendary KCAC did so many years ago. Wouldn't it feel good to look back and think, hey, I was there and I did something to support another legend in the making...RFP!

So after you buy your Neil Young cd, maybe you can take a minute and send RFP a few bucks. Or better yet use the link on RFP's site to buy your cds. RFP receives a percentage of each sale. What could be easier? And you can do two good things at one time! RFP also has some cool bumper stickers and other stuff for sale. And if anyone knows what's happening with Conor Oberst these days, it's no doubt RFP's Andy Olson.


When the President talks to God
Are the conversations brief or long?
Does he ask to rape our women’s' rights
And send poor farm kids off to die?
Does God suggest an oil hike
When the President talks to God?
When the President talks to God
Are the consonants all hard or soft?
Is he resolute all down the line?
Is every issue black or white?
Does what God says ever change his mind?
When the President talks to God?
When the President talks to God
Does he fake that drawl or merely nod?
Agree which convicts should be killed?
Where prisons should be built and filled?
Which voter fraud must be concealed?
When the President talks to God?
When the President talks to God
I wonder which one plays the better cop?
"We should find some jobs. the ghetto's broke."
"No, they're lazy, George, I say we don't!
Just give 'em more liquor stores and dirty coke."
That's what God recommends.
When the President talks to God
Do they drink near beer and go play golf
While they pick which countries to invade?
Which Muslim souls still can be saved?
I guess God just calls a spade a spade
When the President talks to God
When the President talks to God
Does he ever think that maybe he's not?
That the voice is just inside his head?
When he kneels next to the presidential bed
Does he ever smell his own BS?
When the President talks to God?
I doubt it
I doubt it

Monday, May 01, 2006

Neil Young's "Living With War"

In what may be the coolest move yet in a long career of coolness, Neil Young has made all ten tracks of his essential new album, "Living With War" available for free over the Internet and is encouraging websites to post this link to the player page.
You guys gotta hear this album. Young recorded it during an impassioned nine day creative streak and decided to make it immediately available online - to the surprise of even his record company, Reprise, which was still busy promoting his seven-month-old album, "Prairie Wind," and the Jonathan Demme-directed concert film, "Heart of Gold," which hit theaters just last month.
Clearly, Young is on a roll, and this album rocks. Listen, listen, listen!

And after you get the music playing, read the official blog page about the project. From that page:

"I was waiting for someone to come along, some young singer 18 to 22 years old, to write these songs and stand up," Young said. "I waited a long time. Then, I decided that maybe the generation that has to do this is still the '60s generation. We're still here."