Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Yep, you're the one at all the concerts wishing; "Damn, I'd love to sit down at those drums and just ROCK OUT!" Go ahead. You know you wanna.
Have fun

Ron Wortham


Mariah Fleming said...

You always come up with the coolest stuff! Knock yourself out (o: Did you read about Jerry Riopelle's new music invention? It's in the New Times from December 2005 by Jimmy Magahern. You might dig it, It was sure great to see him use it it concert on NY Eve.

Also once you mentioned Ray Thompson in regards to a post I wrote last year about a late night recording session when Compton was at KRUX. Do you have an email address for him or know what he is doing these days? Just wondering.

Thanks, Ron.

Jimmy said...

Fun! Now I'm gonna boot up my Cream reunion DVD and see if I can keep up with Ginger Baker!

Anonymous said...

Will message you privately with Ray's email, Mariah, if I still have it through all the crashes.

Guess you've heard about Keith Richards falling out of a palm tree. It was serious, he's had surgery and I believe is recovering.

Us "Recovering Old Guys" (great name for a band - eh?) are doing crazy stuff. I am about to trade my rollator walker over to a Kawasaki 1000. That's because no one will part with a Harley in trade for my big speakers.

Thas' OK - I would fall over on anything that goes less than 60 MPH anyway.


Mariah Fleming said...

Hey Ron,
Get your motor running and head on up the highway...
Have a blast!

vagabondvet said...


Ron, I've got Ray's email address if you've lost it in your migrations... email me if you don't have it and I'll sent it to both you and Mariah.


Mariah Fleming said...

Thanks Daniel! How do you know Ray Thompson?

He won't remember me I'm sure but it might make him smile to know that his recording me at KRUX with the blessings of (and a reel to reel provided by!!) Bill Compton was one of the most memorable things I did as a young singer,songwriter,musician.

Bill was such a generous spirit, so encouraging. Toad too...such an up guy to be around most of the time.

Funny the people who get taken so early and the ones who get to hang rhyme or reason.

Do you ever think there could be a REBIRTH tribe reunion??? Leif Garneau (Michelle and Joe's baby) must be in his mid 30's now!!

vagabondvet said...

Ohmygod, to think about Lief being in his thirties... well, I've got a son who's 30 now, too. Geez. Oh, but would I love a Rebirth Reunion. Big sigh. Maybe they'll turn up some day. If any of them do a web search for Rebirth, or Rebirth Tribe, or their name, they'll stumble on my page and most likely email me. If they do you can be sure this (KCAC Lives) will be the one of the first places I send 'em.

Actually, I never did know Ray Thomson, not personally anyway, but I just have his email address 'cause he was on our maillng list. I've just emailed it to you.

By the way, I notice you have Richard Thompson listed on your profile as a favorite musician... my buddy Joshua, a guitar player extraordinaire who used to be sequestered on Orcas Island for years, and recently moved to another sequestered location on the mainland up in Washington, knows Richard Thompson's dad, if I've got the story right, used to play with him or something, and he (Joshua) got some recordings from him (Richard's dad) of Richard doing a few songs, including Vincent Black Lightning, Keep Your Distance, and Bee's Wing. They're quite good - if you want to email me your address I'll burn 'em onto a CD and mail it to you...? Not for public play, however, that was a stipulation when Joshua let me copy them - I think they're like unreleased or something, so they're only for personal edification.

Love ya...