Saturday, May 13, 2006

Neil Young-Qwest's New Spokesman?

Check out Neil Young's tv ad for 'Living With War.' I saw it after 10pm on CBS or the Comedy Channel yesterday. It's simple and bold. Just the graphics of his album and the voiceover "YOU'RE THE DECIDER!!" How cool is that? Has anyone else seen it? I'm curious to know how many stations will accept his ad? Interesting to find out...

Speaking of free speech, who'd of thunk it...both the former and current CEO of Qwest refused to hand over phone records illegally to the government (as opposed to ATT, Bell South, Verizon.) Qwest has had a bad reputation for many reasons, but this time, they did it right and they deserve props, no? If you write to them they will actually reply!! You can be sure they'll hear from those who accuse them of being "against America's fight against terrorism!"

Executive Offices
1801 California; Suite 5200
Denver, Colorado 80202

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