Monday, May 22, 2006


Arizona has a fantastic music history that is mostly hidden away in personal collections. Bob Gately has a terrific idea so I've taken the liberty of reprinting his comment (from the 'Emailing Spam' topic in comments section.)

"There are a whole lot of images of our past that rest in the archives of photographer, Tom Story. Tom was a high school press guy that I gave backstage passes to back in the olden days. He has an awesome collection of early (60/70's) Rock n Roll concerts and such. Tom is now our forest fire photographer but has maintained his collection of early Az Rock n Roll.

Tom must have shot 10 rolls at our Janis Joplin show at Tempe stadium in '69 and has some great shots of Annie Leibowitz shooting Goose Creek Symphony at our KRIZ Beach Boy concert at Phoenix Municipal stadium to raise the money for the first Terros ambulance in 1970...??? Somebody might make a interesting portfolio of his work and MAKE A STATEMENT ON OUR CONTRIBUTION TO THE EVOLUTION OF MUSIC IN OUR VALLEY, AND THE PLANET.

I just spoke to Tom and he's ready and willing to make some prints for posterity. How 'bout a show at the Icehouse next fall ? Spoke to Charlie Gearhart the other night and he was going to talk to the boys about doing a show here in town..It would be the first since New Times profiled them in 92." - Bob Gately

Now that's a fabulous idea, no?? "Make a statement" indeed!! It's such a cool idea and It reinforces how fortunate we are that Jimmy Magahern started this great site. Through Jimmy Magahern's efforts many of the people who have ties to Arizona's musical past have a place to come together, reminisce and remind each other what an indelible time we lived through. Also, seems like it'd be a tribute to Jimmy's site for us all to get behind this idea.

So, what do you think, 'KCAC LIVES' family??? We can help make this a reality! Another 'HAPPENING' is long overdue...just about 4 decades overdue!!!


vagabondvet said...

A "Happening!" Yes! Next Fall, eh? I have a friend in Texas who's been asking me to come and visit - maybe I could set two birds free with one stone. It'd be nice to meet so many of Bill's old friends, and see some of you again after all these many years. I too really enjoy dropping in and 'visiting' with you here on this blog, thanks again, Jimmy, and everyone else who makes this little community what it iz. Good dreams to all, it's late-ish and I'm hittin' the hay.

Mariah Fleming said...

Definitely-set two birds free with one stone. It would be great for all of us to meet and re-meet (o: Nothing to stop us from doing this.

I hope the other contributors will weigh in on this and we can get some momentum started for Bob's idea!

Bob Gately said...

Yeah, Daniel, Mariah has left sweet dream ideas and I'm restless, Phoenix Funk dissipates and we think it time for the pillow, yet, the night is young, an so am I,for tonight....Anyway...

Anybody wanna, Rock the PHX Foundation..Bring the House Down Town, Celebrate, the songsters, strummers, drummers and horney players that enlivened our early atmosphere...Why Knot ?

Tied to the Times distractions galore...Linked to the future by shared past...What a Blast !!!
Yeah, lets do a show up and , Celebrate ! Do I see Little Willie Smiling in the Sunshine ? Oh Yeah...

As Viva once famously said in a obscure Warhol flick to the gay caballaros surrounding her: Get organized or this f**k is off...!
So, lets get, Organized...!

Yup, thanks Jimmy for the nod to our Elders and the community, somebody in the future AZ may be eternally grateful for your efforts, I sure am.

Call me, (602) 795-6705.

Always,with fondness,

Bob Gately

Jimmy said...

A happening centered around these old photos you're talking about sounds like a great idea. Between Mariah, myself and the others who frequent this blog, I think we've got a network in place to both publicize and organize such a thing. I now freelance for Phoenix Magazine, the Arizona Republic magazines and a handful of smaller publications, and I can see pitching this idea as a photo-heavy piece for Phoenix, which did a whole issue on local 70's memories in December. So add in the possibility of local press coverage to this idea.
And hey, while I appreciate the thank-yous for starting this blog, I really only did it to cut down on the e-mails I was included in from this group. It's really everybody's blog now, and folks like Daniel and Mariah are apparently doing a lot of the work kicking the spam out and such. So thank yourselves! :)

Mariah Fleming said...

Ok Jimmy...
Thanks...but you still rule!! (o:

Anonymous said...

Hey, Miriah, et al...It's


Mariah Fleming said...

Thanks Bob! I'll email you. I'm really psyched about this thing.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Jimmy,

Great that you see the potential of bringing our History to life, once again.

If the Media is the Message then we must be the messangers ? Aye ?
"Who loves ya?" say da Wolfman. "Yo Momma, say BB King...An she may be jiving ya too...."

Further up the creek may be the gold....

Bobby G

Liz Boyle said...

I'll help !

Anonymous said...

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