Monday, May 08, 2006

Even More on Neil Young's Living With War

Whatever your politics or whatever you think about Neil Young, he's exercising his freedom of speech, a freedom which seems to have been run into the ground the last several years. When people take a recording artist to task because of what they wrote or sang of a political nature, then there's a problem. In addition to the Young record, back in 2004, singer-songwriter, Dan Bern release an 8 song CD called My Country II: Music To Beat Bush By. With songs like Tyranny, After The Parade, The Torn Flag & Bush Must Be Defeated, Dan Bern also stepped up to the plate to let his voice be heard. Here's a link to the Dan Bern discography & lyric archives.

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Mariah Fleming said...

Just got finished listening to the clips on his site. Thanks for posting it-it's well worth checking out!! Great stuff.

Guess he's another songwriter who will be audited for life (or at least while the Republicans are in charge!)