Thursday, May 18, 2006

Phone it in!

Testing out some more new technology here. Now you can phone in what you'd like to say on this blog, and it will magically show up in the above menu as a playable audio file (click the first message to hear my awkward greeting).
Here's the number to call (use Skype on your computer, and there'll be no long distance charges):
When prompted for your phone number, type:
For the PIN, type:

Give it a try! It's fun, and old pals who visit here will be able to hear your voice!

(For anyone curious about the phone number and PIN, it's actually the Petrie's phone number on the old Dick Van Dyke Show - before TV went with all 555 area codes! - and the PIN can be remembered by typing "rosebud" on your touchtone phone. Devout Petrie-heads will pick up on the reference. Think of it as the Van Dyke Code.)


Mariah Fleming said...

OMG JIMMY!! What a riot!

How did you remember the Petrie's phone number in New Rochelle? I loved that show! I have a fuzzy recollection of the Rosebud reference on the Dick Van Dyke Show but mostly from Citizen Kane. Can you enlighten me? And I've got one for you. What was the name of Rose Marie's cat?

One of my biggest thrills was going to the studio Van Dyke had in Carefree in the 70's to listen to him do a talk. It was great---he was great. "Ohhh, Rob!!"

Did you know that Van Dyke's daughter Stacey is married to a phenomenal singer songwriter named Mike Breen? I reviewed a cd of Breen's - in the early 90's. He wrote an incredible love song called "The Great Wall of China." Check it out, or if you can tell me how to upload it on here I can do that when I have time.

You put the coolest stuff on here!!

Jimmy said...

Mariah, you stumped me on the name of Rose Marie's cat. But "Rosebud" was little Ritchie's middle name - each character represented the first letter of the names all the relatives suggested (mostly, their own names). I also didn't know about Van Dyke's son-in-law being a musician.
Maybe I should start a blog for Dick Van Dyke Show fans . . .

Anonymous said...

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