Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pictures from Don Johnson!!!


Well, I've finally gotten around to posting these... Don Johnson sent a bunch of pictures to Ron, who in turn emailed them to a few friends with a plea to get them posted. Ask and ye shall receive! They are a wonderful collection of posters and trivia from "The Era." Click on the title of this post, or go to the KCAC Photo Albums link in the left margin, or... just click here to visit the album. Enjoy the nostalgia!


Sunday, September 20, 2009


Many of you readers are not on my personal KCAC/KDKB "survivors mailing list. This matters only because Don Johnson has beem scanning and sharing some CLASSIC posters... concerts, publicity photos, club advertisements and so on, that I have been forwarding to the Survivors List. They represent the essence of Phoenix giving birth to its anthem of freedom 1968 - 1977.

Dan Page has promised me that he will be posting these to an album linked here at KCAC LIVES!

It's the kind of stuff that makes you wonder what happened. Janis Joplin playing in Tempe for less than $15.00 per ticket. Clubs with no cover charge. FREE PARKING everywhere - so free it's not even mentioned. Seeing these poster and publicity scans (you can print them for your wall) will help you realize that somehow, we are in the wrong time zone, not to mention the wrong economy.

"Time will tell us -- who is trying to sell us" - Crosby. Stills & Nash

Ron Wortham