Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pictures from Don Johnson!!!


Well, I've finally gotten around to posting these... Don Johnson sent a bunch of pictures to Ron, who in turn emailed them to a few friends with a plea to get them posted. Ask and ye shall receive! They are a wonderful collection of posters and trivia from "The Era." Click on the title of this post, or go to the KCAC Photo Albums link in the left margin, or... just click here to visit the album. Enjoy the nostalgia!


5 comments: said...

Thanks, Dan

Santa Claus and one of his elves is going to be good to you this year. Sleep naked and put out brownies and milk Christmas Eve.
♥ Ron

Fran Bennett said...

AWE-SUMMMM!! I remember so many of those.

So many indeed :)

What a GREAT contribution!!

Dan said...

Thanks Dan, brings back memories of the good ol' days.. I got an "Eclectic Mouse" concert poster I'll try to add to the blog.. Dan

vagabondvet said...

Email 'em to me and I'll add 'em to the album!


vagabondvet said...

Hi, Dan!

I got your Eclectic Mouse poster and posted it in the KCAC Lives! Photo album. Direct link is:

(Cut and paste if that didn't turn into a link automatically).

Thanks, Dan! Enjoy the nostalgia, everyone!