Thursday, March 16, 2006

Recent gathering

(Photo: Steve Zind & Marty Manning at KCAC studio on 24th Street shortly before move to KDKB, August 1981)

Last Friday (March 10) a group of us got together at the Duck & Decanter. Steve Zind was visiting (and escaping the snow) from Vermont where he works for Vermont Public Radio.  Of course we know that all radio in Vermont is Public Radio and everyone wears Birkenstocks.  Nonetheless it was nice to see him.
Listen to this list of luminaries who happened by:  Wonderful Russ, Carole Compton Glenn, Mike Goodman, Kent Usry, Julie Flanigan, and the fabled Jim Murray as well as the even more fabled Bob Gateley.  I'm sure I missed somebody.  A highlight was listening to some great live music from our old friends Bob Meighan, Norm Pratt, and Dick Furlow.  They sound great and it was such a treat to hear beautiful songs done well.  Make sure you catch them when you get a chance.
- Marty Manning


Anonymous said...

1981 eh? Wow. No wonder I was so disoriented back then. I didn't just hallucinate losing ten years somewhere, I REALLY DID lose tan years. Let's do the Time Warp again!

Ron Wortham

Anonymous said...

It is always a treat to catch up with our lost and found aging generation...Is Rebirth just around the corner ?..Bob and the band are still making great music and the beat does go on, an on, Ron.

Thanks Marty for the rememberances.

Liz Boyle said...

Cool picture, Marty !

Anonymous said...

Hey, Marty, I just posted to the, Marty's AZ Hall of Fame post....Wadda ya think ? Do ya cheer fo da pimps o da ho's ? Getting hard to tell who's runnin the show.

Best, always,

Bob G

Marty said...

Although Ron probably did lose 10 years somewhere, that WAS 1971 .. not 1981!

Anonymous said...

After 1970 it all ran together anyway!!
At least until 1980. (o: