Sunday, June 24, 2007

Mr & Mrs Hall(!)

Toad Hall (Gary Kinsey) used to play a song for Phillipa every morning at 9am on KDKB. He got pretty flowery talking about her each morning, to the point where some beagn to doubt her existence (see photo caption)
Phillipa was indeed quite real, and they had 3 very real children (Ted came later)
I haven't seen Phillipa in quite a while, and last I heard the kids were living in San Diego, where they loved living with Gary when they were teenagers. Jerome taught himself to play guitar and one of my favorite memories is of him playing guitar while Gary sang at one of our Papago Park reunions. And not just any guitar .. it was Jack Alves' guitar! Thanks again to Tom Story, this is another photo from the Razz Revue "103 Irregular Arizonans" issue.


Jimmy said...

Terrific stuff, Marty. Toad's odes to Phillipa taught me (and I'm sure many a young man) how to treat a lady - a chivalrous example you will NEVER find on morning radio today!

Anonymous said...

I lived with Jerry Kinsey (Toads brother)and Lyle Johnson (Jerry's partner in crime)in 1974 on either 7th st.or ave. in Phoenix. Toad used to play Leo Koettke's song Buckaroo to wake me up in the morning---joe simms