Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Well, today is the Big Day or perhaps we should say Tonight is the Big Night - the more or less spontaneous Come Together at Alwun. With Dan Page in town, reunited with Bruce Frank and others of The Tribe, you can taste the Deja'Vu all the way to wherever you are. This is going to be a FUN night of good spirits coming together, Marty is bringing the small PA to review Tom's tapes. There are rumors of a quiche-like stack of spinach brownies and there may even be some banana peels!

Those of us who can't be with you in real-time will be there in spirit and by phone for at least, a brief visit. I am hoping Mariah will share a formal report here on the blog for all to read.

Bruce is up to his ears in Real Life right now, so I am posting a couple of pictures with captions for him. This is the reuniting of Rebirth which sets the stage for the Come Together of KCAC/KDKB and all that the core culture represents.

God is Alive, Magic is Afoot

'The Babe Squad' L to R... Orlena 'Michelle' Lackenbauer, [Rebirth staffer, married to Joe Garneau... By Bill Compton] Carolyn Roach [friend and family, her late husband and publisher Al,... sponsored some of the rebirth concerts on his south Phoenix ranch] Jean Herbert [Old Rebirth Family\commune, Mother Hen, Communicator, the glue that keeps people and clans togather, up to date and in touch] Linda Peterson, [Rebirth staff/Artist/family. Printing, New Times, Publishing, Blues Reviews News Paper, active in AMEHOF] Anne Bassett [artist, friend, allie, talented and aware... former mayor of Jerome, she now lives there and runs an art gallery... sends her love to all for Tuesday

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Mariah Fleming said...

My goodness! I knew I knew Linda Peterson from somewhere besides amehof! Wow, it was great to see her tonight...I didn't make the connection! She and Gil are such nice folks.
Great to talk to yo on the phone Ron. You were missed and applauded several times!!!
Love to you from the Valley of the Sun...