Wednesday, September 13, 2006

THE LIST - Edition #4

As you browse The List for old friends, lovers and people who still owe you money.... you can listen to Radio Free Phoenix. Simply click THE LIST headline above. You will probably be tempted to make a donation to the radio station. We urge you to think seriously instead, about America and how much She needs your money. Killing people to keep you safe from them is a big job.

Adams, Lynne
Alves, Jack
Apicella, John
Arnold, Linda
Bailey, Jim
Baldwin, Mike
Baldwin, Russ
Bowen, Ray
Bell, Bob
Bennett, Fran
Bentley, Connie
Bethancourt, Joe
Boyle, Liz
Bradychocks, Julie
Cahal, John "Rebirth" (private - contact vagabondvet)
Carroll, Todd
Carter, Marsha
Carver, Sue
Clark, Doug
Compton, Bill (Deceased)
Compton-Glenn, Carole
Cookenboo, Hank (Deceased)
Covington, Dan
Crazy (Jan Isbell)(Deceased)
Curtis, Mike
Davis, Marc (Terros)
DeGray, Helen
Deerhake, David
Dickinson, Ted
Dixon, John (Johnny D)
Drake George F. (Springfield, Mass?)
Duane the Guitar Player "Rebirth"
Dunn, Bob
Emery, Vince
English, Alton
English, Jerry "Magic"
Fenimore, David
Flannigan, Julie
Fleming, Mariah
Frank, Bruce "Rebirth"
Frank, Gregg "Rebirth"
Friedman, Barry
Frieflander, Karen
Galindo, Alicia
Gant, Pegi {Cookenboo}
Garneau, Joe "Rebirth" (Deceased)
Garneau, Larry "Rebirth" (Deceased)
Garneau, Michelle "Rebirth" (private - contact vagabondvet)
Gately, Bill (Deceased)
Gately, Bob
Geist, Barry "Rebirth"
Goodman, Mike
Grieger, Kathy "Rebirth"
Harris, Eric "Pappa"
Harris, Sue Fenner
Harshberger, Dan
Herbert, Kimmer
Holmes, Chuck
Hoyle, Rich
Johnson, Don
Johnson, June
Johnson, Mike "Rebirth"
Kerr, Jon
Kinsey, Gary "Toad Hall" (Deceased)
Kinsey, Filipa
Kollassa, Mike
Koors, Tim
Kothrade, Michael "Rebirth"
Lederman, Cindy
Lehr, Bob
Magahern, Jimmy
Manning, Marty
Martin, Peter
McBroom, Dennis
McCarty, Chris
McCarty, Steve
Mell, Ed
Migdoll, Susan
Moody, Kim (Alwun House)
Morrison, Barbara
Murray, Jim
Nadworney, Nina "Nina Joy"
Niccolson, Scott
Norton, Virginia
Nussbaum,Belle "Belle Starr"
Nykanan, Mark
Olson, Andy
Olson, Hans
Paceley, Ken
Page, Daniel "Rebirth"
Peterson, Linda
Peterson, Marsha
Powell, Lee
Price, Bill
Pyle, Slagge T.
Radina, Kathy
Robb, Gary
Robertson, John (Crazy John)
Rogers, Bob
Rogers, Rich
Roland. Ed
Schneider, Sue
Shaw, Russell "Wonderful"
Slagle, Bonnie
Smith, Doug
Smith, Erica
Soderquist, George
Soderquist, Skio
Stratton, Ted
Sussman, Terri (V.P. AMEHOF)
Sweet, Cheryl
Thomson, Betty
Thomson, Ray
Thompson, Linda
Thrift, Bill (Terros)
Tindle, Dwight
Usry, Kent
Vascocu, Tommy
Wales, Lissa (Deceased)
Webb, Kevin "Do It Now" (Deceased)
Whitener, Kasey
Wortham, Ron
Wright, Tom
Zelisko, Dan

Please leave a comment to this post to have information added, edited or deleted. Hyperlinked names will launch an email to that person.

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Tom Wright said...

So why am I still not on the list??? said...

God is alive, magic is afoot, Tom

Anonymous said...

Add Jim Botkin to your list:

Anonymous said...

who be anonymous?

Scott Jones said...

KCAC brings back great memories of that special time in Phoenix.

Robert said...

KCAC changed my world -- so glad to find this blog.

"May the long time sun shine upon you..."


Robert said...

please add me to the list:

Robert S Curry

Stephenson said...

Great Blog
Good on you all
Hey, didn't I sleep with two thirds of the people in that picture?