Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Simply Marvelous....

for a wonderful nite and the chance to share it with ya'll. Good things happened, and will continue. Dan has left for home , with some pics and videos which he'll post once he arrives.
love Ya'll
keep the faith, carry on
Bruce Frank
here something that fits...

Messages hurry across time…
Messengers meet.
Pieces gather together.
People become close.
God lives and waits...
and we only await our own arrival.
Arcane, by Thomas


Mariah Fleming said...

I"ve never read that before! Beautiful! What book is that from?

PS Glad you got home safe and sound my brother. (o: You were a joy to behold! said...

Email from Mariah
Hey have you asked tom wright to send you copies on cd of all his archival tapes? You should have them, I am going to ask him to copy them for me, hope he will.
Response from Ron;

Well, that's kinda the idea behind the digitizing concept. If those are converted to MP3 files they can be plugged in on KCAC Ives! or other websites and downloaded by anyone at will

THAT is the secret to keeping the tapes alive.. make it Public Domain and freely available. I can see in my mind's eye that such downloads might become the study criteria for numerous broadcasting schools and University classes across the country. THAT would index Radio Free Phoenix and the free-form concept as a classroom "primer" so to speak and become a very real heritage of younger generations.

The very concept of THINKING and programming in the fashion that Bill developed and pioneered would be something that compares in the broadcast vernacular - to the invention of the piano.

Freeing student DJ's and broadcasters to develop their own style of FREEDOM. What better gift to give The Future?