Thursday, September 14, 2006


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The first thing I learned about being a DJ - beginning in 1962 is; EVERYBODY wants to be a DJ!

Somewhere in your mind, you have a song or two that JUST FIT TOGETHER right? This could be a lot of fun for Andy and Liz at RFP [and maybe a bunch of other stations] It's kinda like a request line BUT is a short creative statement....


"Rhapsody In Blue" (New York Philharmonic) mixed into "New York City Serenade" (Bruce Springsteen)

"Rocky Mountain Way" (Joe Walsh) mixed into "Sex Machine" (Sly and the Family Stone)

There. I said it. Now I can go back to listening to the little voices in my head and the ringing in my ears.



Mariah Fleming said...

What a great post. You made my day a little brighter, Ron! said...

'Tis an honor dear lady - I bet it happens to you too.. you hear a song on the radio and something clicks and you say "Damn! that would sure sound good if it were followed up with ........ and there's your Mix.

FURTHER, the following song can be in the same poetic "bag" and played as a RESPONSE to the prceeding song AND if it is in the opposite gender, IT STARTS A STORY. It's like "The writing game" where everyone sits in a circle and makes up one sentence taking turns. It can get heavy ... depending on what you're smoking.

Anyway, glad to brighten your day... So - what would you mix after buzzin' Fly" by Tim Buckley?


Jimmy said...

Good choice of tunes - I'd forgotten Joe Walsh totally nicked that riff from Sly!
I'm no mix-master myself, but here's Ron's playlists, in case anyone has some DJ software and wants to give it a go:

Those seemless "collages" of tracks is one of the things we miss most about the old progressive rock radio days. said...

Jimmy, you ARE a mucking genius! After I figured out to SAVE the file it (one second load?) it loaded right into iTunes and I am listening to Rhapsody In Blue right now. This is bloody incredible... Heck, I thought I had invented "scratching" and here you have created Musical Orgasm On Demand!

This is SMACK. I'm addicted!


Mariah Fleming said...

Yeah Ron, you know that Andy Olson is the master of the mix...isn't it amazing to listen to what he comes up with on RFP? To answer your questioin, as for me, well I think what I'd put after Buzzin Fly is John Prine that Bonnie Raitt covered...

"Angel from Montgomery"

There's flies in the kitchen,
I can hear 'em they're buzzin
And I aint done nothin'
Since I woke up today
How the hell can a person
Go to work in the morning
And come home in the evening
and have nothin' to say?

Make me a angel
That flies to Montgomery
Make me a postcard of an old rodeo
Just give me one thing I can hang onto
To believe in this livin' is a hard way to go" ETC.

This song is an old favorite of mine to sing though I haven't played it in awhile. Hey Liz, what would you pick to go in this little set? (o: said...

Right Liz....
Now remember.. the song is what 4:37 long? That means you have ABOUT 3:12 to decide what to play next... You have to FIND it, pull it out of the file, take it out of the LP cover and sleeve (always in there sideways to keep the disc from falling out)... find out WHICH side of the LP the song is on, put it on the turntable and cue it up for play without scratching it. Your total decision time is actually about 50 seconds. I'd say something in the Townes Van Zant or maybe Hoyt Axton bag but you have a request for John Hartford.. OK? GO!