Saturday, September 09, 2006

Get Together

This is a party invitation trying to happen. Moody's offering his awesome Garfield district back yard, and we've all got a ton to talk about, what with KDKB calling it quits and the world at an unprecedented height of weirdness. And all that.

As incentive, I'm sure someone will bring goodies. Goodies.

Can we set a date, or what?

P.S. - Click "Get Together" to download song of same name.


Mariah Fleming said...

Yes lets find a date we can all go. I think we can get some other like minded folks to come if we give it a few weeks...end of summer, lots of stuff going on and I personally am in the throes of some dizzyfying crud that is certainly not what anyone else wants to be around for a few days...

I sent an email to Kim Moody myself last week sometime...lets keep on this...more from me when my head's not spinning, and I don't mean spinning in a good way.

Liz, Jimmy, Bob, Bruce, Marty etc what are some good times for you? Your schedules is probably the most daunting. Anyone got frequent flyer miles?

What about Lee Powell, DMcB, Dwight Tyndall, Danny Z, Johnny D, Andy knows everybofy (!) there's scores of others.

I'm glad to help organize this in anyway I can...

Bob Gately said...

Hey, Mariah, I'm available just about anytime and will bring a case of respectable wine for the occasion to help fuel the muses....I'm going mining for the next few days but will be ready to rock after next Tuesday...Common yous guys RSVP Now !

vagabondvet said...

Yeah! If it's sometime later this month I could even drop in with some goodies! See my recent (9/14) post "I'm coming to Phoenix!"