Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Being there

I'll see you all Tuesday night, and will bring some of my audio archives. I assume there will be some sort of PA system over which CDs can be played. If not, I'll bring a boombox.


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Look, there's a signpost up ahead saying; "Your life is about to be changed by the enthusiastic spirit of Mariah Fleming AND you have just flashed by 11,00 hits on this blog".

Next stop Tom, The Twilight Zone!!!...


Mariah Fleming said...

Here at the KCAC LIVES! Blog, we are hoping that John Dixon will be at the Tuesday Sept 28th KCAC Lives! Celebration at Alwun House. Especially now when Johnny can spin some of Al Casey's tunes, how can it be merely a coincidence that Al Casey and Lissa Wales passed away at nearly the same time a year apart? Not to mention that this gathering was in the works the week we learned about Al Casey's death?

As John so eloquently points out (go to the link to the AMEHOF site for article about Al Casey) without Al Casey's contributions to music here in Az and elsewhere, the rest of the ride might well have been a crap shoot.
Al Casey is a TRUE 'hometown' legend who, thanks largely to Dixon's involvement with AMEHOF, was honored by the AZ Hall of Fame last year.

Hooray that we are learning to recognize the greats and let them know it while they are still here!! AMEHOF started the ball rolling on that one. The Alwun House Gathering on Tuesday evening is a perfect oppportunity to celebrate Al Casey's life and his affect on AZ music too. The 1950s-70's offered Arizona a cornucopia of talent that came together and was recognized and heard thanks to the vision of people like WEC, Johnny and the rest of those folks.

This Tuesday Sept 28 at 8pm - no charge, no hassle, no problem! Why not come and celebrate the Rebirth of Real? And when we find out about a pa system we'll post it here! Bring your archival KCAC KDKC tapes Tom Wright! You're wonderful to share them with everyone. Ain't it great you discovered this blog?

So how many more signs from Arizona's beloved friends who are across the next universe do we need to get this thing right? Amazing synchronicity pushed along by the invisible hands of those we cherish...

And to top it off AMEHOF's talented video archivist Ken Beals has offered to videotape the gathering. Wow.

Bob Gately said...


So, OK...We have all been enthused, excited, delighted and damn well moved to gather in the Garden and make eye contact with long lost Buds, Babes and Fellow Travelers from yesteryear's fun, folly's and foible's. This Blog has become our force for the future feet who will follow in our flip-flops, maybe. Our re-bonding should be a CELEBRATION of the accomplishments that came from our mutual Experiences with the amazing personalities we were blessed to have boogied with.

Rebirth in the Garden at this point is but a wish, a dream of the dreamers that have given life to the Blog...If KCAC does indeed LIVE ! through this media, then it is the thread that will weave a whole cloth tapestry from the skeins of our lives. (Another definition of a skein is: A flock of wild fowl) Well, to those of us that do show up in the Garden let us each bring a seed and plant a promise of new life and rebirth among Kims already verdant arbors.

Now, a terrible thing happens if we dont promote...not much...So, lets each of us get on the phone, Net or jungle drums and inform as many of our ole mates as we can reach and ask them to show up. Potluck , food, wine, a PA, tapes and tunes, memorys, what can you bring to this feast of friends to make this a true sharing of Experience & Success. Whos got a laptop with a webcam that we can include Ron in the evening...Kim, got wi-fi ?

Gotta go now....Later

Marty said...

I will have a small sound system with a mic or two and an input for a CD player. It'll cover the garden just fine.

Marty said...

bring the boombox and we'll plug it into our little Fender system said...

Mariah has an idea I can work with.. I have telephone access anywhere in the USA.. somebody shoot me a cellphone number and I can hook in for a chat. I don't want to mess up the evening with awkwardness but it would be great to hear all you guys again and say hi at least.

Best to send the phone number via email... hearing from Mariah would be like connecting with a younger sister but I can call anyone unless I owe them money,

AZ is two hours different from here.. right now here it is 8PM so anything that happens will happen to me two hours before it happens to you. Let's do the Time warp again!


Mariah Fleming said...

John wrote to let me know that he probably won't be there Tuesday. Since some of the bloggers mentioned it would be cool if he wanted to do that, I mentioned it and emailed him too.

It was nobody's intent in any way whatsoever from the blog to pressure John. We certainly didn't mean to imply anything wrong. We're just on the peripheral, trying to do whatever since we've been deigned the default 'organizers.'

John will be in our thoughts. It was so nice of him to respond to me when he is dealing with everything else. I hope many people show up at the memorial on Saturday.