Monday, September 25, 2006

DEJA'VU Then & Now Mugshots: PEGI GANT (Cookenboo)

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Pegi with Snoopy, 1969 Pegi in (for us anyway), her most famous "Lucy" pose at Starbrite Ranch. Interestingly, in Pegi's Vault of pictures I found this same photo in a 3"X5" version (desk-frame size) but REVERSED. It was hard to tell which was a copy of the other or if they had both been made from the same negative. Due to the slow rise to the LEFT of the terrain behind her in this image, I am going to suggest that THIS picture is the REVERSED image. South Mountain at Starbrite got taller as you looked to the South. Not that it matters but it is one of those little mysteries of Life. So are three lights of unknown origin off her "left" shoulder, almost invisible in this small version.

Pegi without Snoopy, 2006. There are women who would kill to have skin this vibrant and smooth, which may be one of the reasons why Pegi is now in the executive levels of Law enforcement in Florida - Hurricane Capitol of the USA.

The hair is much shorter now of course but who needs long hair when you don't have Snoopy to keep shaded?

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