Friday, September 08, 2006

DEJA'VU Then & Now Mugshots: PEGI'S VAULT

If you wish to view or download any of these photos in their original .JPG scan size and coloration, simply click on the PEGI'S VAULT headline above..

A fine moment with Bill at KDKB's board. A great candid shot from Pegi's camera. This is classic pre-digital radio with the classic broadcast configuration, turntables and cart machines (similar to 8-track technology). These machines ARE STILL in use at many small-market stations. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Little sister, Carole at home in another one of Pegi's candid shots.

CHUCK HOLMES appears often in and out throughout Pegi's Vault of pictures. I have caught myself wondering many times why is Chuck always SMILING. Its a contagious and enigmatic kind of smile that is surrounded somehow in mystery. Who is this man? Look carefully. This is the incarnation of THE CHESHIRE CAT from Lewis Carrol's "Alice In Wonderland"

THIS THEN is Alice.... ten feet tall but sometimes so small. Carole again and I would just bet you she feels exacly like Alice from time to time.

Bill again.

Without declining comments into a rant - in view of the KDKB demise - if that is indeed what it is, something should be said about TALENT. To a DJ with the kind of talent Bill had, the industry is suffering from "HAL" - the computer from 2001 - A Space Oddysey. Radio has been over-analyzed, dissected, categorized and turned into a thematic Beats-Per-Minute formula that is plugged in and fed intraveinously, to the matrix of the listening public. No matter that it doesn't SAY anything or DO anything or MEAN anything.

Bill's performances were thought out, and ALWAYS entertaining. Perhaps that is why the concept of a living, interactive museum may literally the finest legacy a younger person might learn from. THE MUSIC TELLS A STORY and like disconnected words in a poem that isn't even free-verse, the "programming" that we are being fed now is prepared bullshit. Just add water.

Most of the "Top 40 All-Time Rock Hits" stations are simply poisoning themselves and their audiences with polluted content defined by demographics and power-play political personalities pulling the Big Checks from the front office. Such radio lacks Spirit of any kind It ain't got no soul and if it did, they would sell it.

We're on a Mexican Radio. End of rant.


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Mariah Fleming said...

That's why we need to rally for RFP...keep the spirit alive!