Tuesday, September 26, 2006

enjoying the view...

This was written to the Rebirth people... I'm shareing it here cause its relevent to all.

The Memorial... it was sad but good...
If your still here, Joe... what Ya Know...

Don't forget the garden party Tuesday nite 8PM for all friends and
associates of Rebirth and KCAC/KDKB... share some rare time with old friends
and new... lets get together and see who we are, while we can. [with out
someone dyeing] Don't miss this most fortunate opportunity, know whats of
real value... don't be busy, show your colors and stand with the people
you support and love... NOW! Some of them aren't going to be here for any
next meeting... [they may be the reason for it!]
The world politic is making desperate moves to circle the wagons and
continue plundering this world, They see the writing on the wall... things
could get worse before they get better... We are all we got, that and our
experience,... to offer our children and neighbors who don't get it yet. .
Were the volunteers and front line soldiers in a different kind of
revolution/war... Were the believers and the dreamers... We've done our
job well and we're all on our way to that better future [its the biggest and loudest secret in the world] but it ain't over, we ain't finished yet and were still here...
So take a break and join us Tuesday 26, 8PM at the Alwun House 12st and
Roosevelt... just to have some fun and there's a few things we got to share.
Remember... bring your own ... I'm gonna bring mine and some for you too.... moonshine
Bruce Frank

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