Thursday, September 28, 2006


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Graphic provided by Wonderful Russ Shaw

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Mariah Fleming said...

Face it Russ! You were always wonderful and you always will be wonderful.

Your graphics are just a sample of your legendary, creative 'Wonderfulness!" and a really cool tribute to Liz. You captured the spirit of this effervescent Irish beauty who has been joyfully navigating us through Arizona radio all these memorable years.

Like you, I"ve been homing in on that voice wherever it may be on Valley radio for ages (she started so young!) Liz is one whose personality has always embodied the true 'spirit' of our community. Her voice has always created its own unmistakable music.

Liz's natural radiance has always been a gift to Phoenix radio that we are all the happier for. I am so psyched that she is back on KOOL FM too. Let's let KOOL FM know how much we love having her back on the air there, and of course a big shout out to RFP for Liz's place to shine on the 'real radio' horizon.