Monday, September 11, 2006

DEJA'VU Then & Now Mugshots: PEGI'S VAULT [Last in series]

If you wish to view or download any of these photos in their original .JPG scan size and coloration, simply click on the PEGI'S VAULT headline above..

THE PAINTED DESERT INN ca 1972. That's my closest guess as to the date. Probably replaced now by a McDonald's or Wal-Mart, the sign reads;
CONSTRUCTED 1937 -1940
VACATED - 1963

Mistaken for a Taco Bell, the Inn will probably be merged with a Denny's and then destroyed.. For now though (now being 1972) it's Adventureland!

TRAVELGUIDE Here a pretty lady (played by Kathy Radina) awaits the Wagon Train led by Captain Bill who actually arrived befor Ronal Reagan and the 20-Mule Team Borax rig. Plans are to move West but Pretty Lady has no Escort. Would Captain Bill protect her from the Indians and Robbers - for a silver neclace and small silver box?

IMPRESSED with her charm and silver, Captain Bill and Pretty Lady take the conversation out beyond the campfire where they won't be overheare.

HERE Captain Bill and his famous dead-shot sister "Toot" demonstrate to some of the other wagon train members, (played here by Kathy Radina and Tommy Vascocue) how to keep safe from the Indians by posing as horses. It always works and it moves the wagons, too!

TAKING A BREAK Members of the wagon train sit on the buckboard thinking about how they are going to get the wagons across the rivers without Ronald Reagan snd his 20-Mule team and the Borax to wash clohes with.
Wagon Train Players are Kathy Radina, Bill Compton, Pegi Gant-Cookenboo and Tommy Vascocue.

THIS COMPLETES the "Pegi's Vault" series of pictures from a collection of about 500 overall ranging from 1968 to about 1972. It has been great fun for me to look back on all this and wonder how it was that I did not wind up in prison. I thought I played it really well as an illegal alien.

A last comment about the two principle ladies in these pages - Carole and Pegi. This has to do with Faith - not "churchiness" or judgement. Faith was a quiet thing with Bill and I and since his death, with Carole and Pegi and I as well. Whenever the subject of Jesus came up, Bill would simply nod in quiet axknowlegement. I LIKE that. Quite occasionally I get emailed prayers from Carole... the kind that are shared from others but always quality. Pegi's Faith is more passionate but is non-judgemental and I just want to mention my appreciation of that. The Group Hug that Pegi, Carole and I shared after the reunion in 1996, helps me believe in The Trinity.

We were Children of The Times.
We are Children of The Future.


Mariah Fleming said...

What you said about prayer and Bill, his sister Carole, Pegi and you is fundamental to the beauty of what this is all about. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. They give me faith, too.

My husband (Ray Bowen) just peeked into my office and volunteered to be the photographer for our get together when it happens. He just spent a few hours reading this blog and says he's impressed and heartened!

He was Lissa's sidekick for the 1st AMEHOF ceremony and comes with his own boatload of creds! Check out the 'neanderthal' bumper sticker he designed for RFP last year (on their site) too.

OK, it's true, I am not objective but I still think its way cool! You can donate to the station and put something far out on your bumper too!

Sending you love from this Tempe desert.

Liz Boyle said...

Any guy that used to work at Legend City is alright by me !

(Hey guys, did you know that pretty girls never had to pay at Legend City ?)

How cool that "Professor Ray" will bring this talents to the party.

The bumper sticker he designed is beautiful. Check it out.

The polls are open till 6 today and don't forget to bring ID.

The animal lovers at RFP say, "Yes on 204" anti-animal cruelty Nov. 7

Mariah Fleming said...

Hey lovely Liz with the lilting voice! I'm so glad I read your post earlier today. Thanks! It got my butt to the primary to vote for Harry Mitchell. He's a genuinely good man. In fact the first dog park in Az is thanks to him and named after him! Didja know that?

I don't think I"ve ever voted in a primary before. So if this is "primary" is the next election "secondary"?

Oh well. Maybe it makes no difference but at least I feel like it does, and that's nice.Delusional but determined I am off to dreamland now.
1 adam 12.