Wednesday, September 06, 2006

"Shine the Light on You!" You said it...

As our own 'Jimmy the Guru' says "there has to be a real, physical place, and it looks like something will soon present itself. Certainly, the right energy is in the air." Yep, the right energy IS in the air, and it's in large part thanks to your grand kick-start, Jimmy.

After the first of the year (or before if our great luck holds) something's gonna ride into town that will go a long way towards accomplishing our hold on tight everyone, and keep your eyes on the road ahead!

To quote Tom Wolfe's "The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test" (dust if off, now!)"you're either on the bus or you're off the bus." We're all on the bus, good people, and it's continuing to be one fantastic journey. There’s no doubt about it. It’s happening!!

Scrolling down KCAC Lives Avenue, I put together a few of the heartwarming, vivid sentiments that people like Jimmy, Daniel, Ron, Bruce, Bob, Russ (the one and only) Andy, Liz, Marty (another one and only!) Fran Bennett and so many others have expressed on the KCAC Lives blog.

So turn off the news, make your heart sing, read this, and be assured that incredible things are on the horizon. Read on...

“Thanks to all who are keeping this alive! Especially to Jimmy for having started it in the first place and to Ron Wortham for sending the various emails, etc. I just finished reviewing all the various photos and comments and it brought back some nice warm memories.”

“GOOD EVENING MR. SHAW. Neat post you did there! As you can tell there is some kind of 'conspiracy' going on here possibly having to do with turning Johnny D and his collection of broadcast artifacts into an institutionalized trusteeship or something.”

“Perhaps the most significant aspect of this whole thing is it's absolute UNIQUENESS. It's rather like discovering a rainbow in a seashell and knowing it will always be there. Makes ya wanna take care of it.”

“The word, security in my Webster’s means, 'Something held to benefit another.' Who are those "anothers" but us with the loot that will make our past matter to those future kid's that have the heart to dig deeper.”

“KCAC came and went like all things transitory but the reverberations of what it MEANT survives to this day in the culture of the Phoenix area.”

“Jimmy, being a full fledged journalist, is the natural for such a project with help and input from all of us who have been energized by what he started. What’s the old newspaper line? 'Overwrite an edit tight'.”

“I’d all but eat glass to hear the tape of Hank's reminiscing and the rest of those recordings as well. I trust you Arizona folks do too, and will work expeditiously to post them. I'll be waiting eagerly. Too cool. Just too cool.”

“In addition to a DIGITAL museum such as what we seem to be spontaneously creating here, A PHYSICAL museum is just about necessary. The Virtual Tour showed a couple of walls of T-shirts and promo stuff for a few stations including KOY and KUPD where I put in a few shifts but these were like teenage trophy displays.”

“Johnny D's collection would sink their boat! Y'all are on to the answers. Let us keep creating, writing, ranting and wondering on what our voices can contribute to the future. I know that I am greatly enriched.”

“Come Celebrate Past, Present and Future of Downtown's Art Scene in "all one" place: It Happens; Friday, 7-11pm, September 8, at Downtown's landmark Alwun House. 1204 E Roosevelt, Phoenix.”

“KCAC Lives! positively REEKS with synchronicity."

"Do you have any idea what the ODDS are of what's happening now ACTUALLY happening? They are astronomical and I for one do not KNOW what is happening here but it doesn't matter about explaining it.”

“The KCAC Lives Photo Album has been more than a pleasure to do, believe me, I've been greatly blessed by this whole happening. I'm wallowing in gratitude! Such powerful magic we weave as a family built around a common ideal...”

“Thanks Jimmy, that was like medicine to me, loved it.”

“Maybe I’m not crazy cause I’ve been expecting and waiting for something like that to happen big time, for years, ever since experiencing something’s similar, many things, similar on a smaller scale and knew it was possible.”

“Off-topic but did your guys notice we just breezed by 9,000 hits on this blog? Where are all these people coming from?”

“I believe most people involved here know the score. They’ve helped bring the news, and are the news, at the center, our dedicated, inspiring and visionary warriors; the musicians poets and artists, serving in frontline band and basements. Our guides, communicators, teachers, servants, friends and family, helping, creating, inspiring and living within a new culture, with a new dream.”

“Oh corporate America, we bow our heads to thee.
Will you sponsor every word in what’s left of our libraries?

Will you decide whose thoughts are worthy of the printed page,
who’s the ‘target audience’ and whose ideas you’ll wage?

America, America, is it really thee, whose only stars
Are the stars that shine every night on our TV’s?”

“I think WEC has brought us all back into communication for yet another musical conversation. Andy, through RFP, Mariah, through your writing, Ron through the rants. Bill would be delighted that we are all connected by these key-board's communicating his primal message.”

“After all, isn't THIS what it is ALL about?”

“Here's a fine shot of Bill Compton at the Sunnyslope house ca 1971/72. Bill as you can see, was possibly considering a second career as a bartender, if the radio business somehow failed. Fortunately for ALL, it did not.”

“DEJA'VU Then & Now Mugshots”

“KCAC JOB DESCRIPTIONS: Director of Community relations between 7AM and 8Am, Ornament, Gopher, Adoptee and Coordinator of Executive Excuses or Alibis. Also, Darned Good Friend and Goldie Hawn Giggle Impersonator. This picture taken ca 1970 at Bill's house near Sunnyslope.”

“RFP is comin through loud and clear!"

"Life, Death, and Real Underground Radio.”

“I think we are maybe all being herded together and PROTECTED right now. We are suddenly gathering between 250-300 hits per day on this blog. That's awesome. We were just in the TEENS a few weeks ago!”

“To us the ashes of our ancestors are sacred and their resting place is hallowed ground.”

“Bill had nothing to prove to himself or anyone else, and in that quiet acceptance and contentment, a hugely amplified Voice Of Reason rang out over and led The Valley Of The Sun."

"KCAC, remember, was pulling huge ratings AT NIGHT, long after sign-off.”

“The Family moved, morphed and modified. among the many friends of KCAC and it's many-faceted Family.”

“THIS CONCLUDES the first tour of Pegi's Vault-Album One of Four. The others will follow as the subject matter is scanned and digitized. There were about 130 personal photos in this first album and of course, more to come as appropriate."

"If you have some old pics to contribute and share, they would be cherished by all.”

“Here’s the pic of Frank Zappa at the Star 'Celebrity' theatre taken before the show. I remember seeing Mike Condello so it must have been that nite.”

“I've got 'KCAC Lives!' linked to my web site and Andy has it linked to RFP's website.”

“Check it out! We've reached 500 hits a day to this blog! Indeed, ‘Something’s happening here, what it is ain’t exactly clear.’ ”

“Synchronicity happens. It's like Dixieland Jazz. God is Alive - Magic is afoot. Holy Shit. What's next?”

Stay tuned to the KCAC Lives Blog to find out!!! Pass the word. God is Alive. Magic is Afoot. Magic Never Dies.

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Jimmy said...

Great quotes, Mariah. This post is what got me to thinking about having a space where everyone's words could be projected on walls, and keep changing as people write new things. As writers, it's tempting to say there's a book in this, but I'd rather create an open-ended thing where people can continue to add to the dialogue and there's never a final chapter. And of course, no way for any of us to make money off of this.