Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Looks good for Tuesday, Sept 26, at 8pm (not 7)

I've got a nearby neighborhood community meeting from 5:30-7:30pm. - can get back to house by 7:45 to open doors and put away the dane dogs.

I earlier replied by e-mail to Bob Gately "if reunion planning date discussed, Keep me in the loop; or give me a call so I got "heads-up" calendar/schedule.
Anyway, looking forward to Tue, Sept 26, 8pm. Bring your refreshment choice of brand.
IT'S TIME (go Chamber Brothers)... and what is that sound?

602.253.7967 (direct line)

PS want to see our garden size : check our Garden Tour: www.alwunhouse.org


Bruce Frank said...

Your beautiful brother, and what a job youve done. How the place has changed since last i was there... around the time we were publishing Rebirth, maybe early 70's... and I'm so pleased, for you being the one, and for every one else, just for being active and keeping the spirit, generated way back in the 60's, through the efforts of Bill Compton and family, Rebirth and Alwun... alive. How appropiate that you Kim, and Alwun House, could facilitate this. You've been a shineing light in our community and we all salute you, and thank you...
Things that are forced togather... fall apart, things that come togather, are togather... and this all just came togather... wow! did you feel it, just now... LOL
Well it'll be good to see you again... I'll be the 60 year old hippy, with hair... Ummm you cant be far behind! ha ha.
See ya there

Bob Gately said...

Yeah, Bruce...It'all be an all together evening...Then what ? At 68 me hairs still there and auburn, so what...its whats under the hair that counts, ey, Mate ?


Bruce Frank said...

Ayyy Mate... right you are too i reckon... Time to get serious, to much small talk and flatery goin on... but really 68? and good auburn hair, do you use cream rinse? You must be doin something right under that hair for a man your age to be so blessed. LOL
See ya there mate, we can have a spot of RUM, compare notes, and... 'what then?' ummm dare i say... perhaps another spot o RUM while we think and reason togather... something well become apparent... I think its usualy a clean up detail next and a warn and fuzzy feeling if you feel something good has happened out of it all.