Monday, September 18, 2006

DEJA'VU Then & Now Mugshots: MONA LISA

Click the headline above to tune in to Radio Free Phoenix

Picture courtesy of Wonderful Russ Shaw

The Paris Hilton makeover
- except she still can't sing. But neither can Paris. Still, it's a great cover for Homeland Security investigative work. Inspiring isn't it?

Hair streaked, Cher Eyes and a boob job - C.S.I. Miami would hire her on the spot. The introduction line would be: "Hi my name is Mona and I am from Homeland Security. FEMA needs your MasterCard number. Now."

Got any pictures or tapes from the old KCAC days? Get in touch.


Mariah Fleming said...

Laughed out loud over this one! Great image, Russ! Thanks for sharing! Will you come to the Alwun House thing on the 26th? If you do, bring her! (o:

Bob Gately said...

Yous Guys n Gals are such a Goof....!

Can we bring to the Garden the Glory of the olden days ? Suspend the present reality ? Put ourselves back in the Glory Days that makes this evening so Special to all of us that Just-Show-Up ? Is this to be just another Cocktail Party or a true Gathering of the Clan ? We wonder?

Can Wonderful get out of a,"Meeting", can Marty duck a remote, can Danny cancel a conference call with the management of the next great Clear Channel act, Dwight to alight an give blessings to His siblings ? Who knows but those that just show up. Eh ?

Daniel, Bruce, Tom, et al...come on, we may be in the garden alone, but we will be well remembered.

So, I would beg that Ron showed, even if it means a 26 hour Greyhound ride from Texaz...(I'll buy the ticket) Or, I'll pay to keep the Harley on the road till its harley running. This is about eyeball-to-eyeball, eh ? Whatever. It's bout the last next thing I never done.

To our world at large I will say only....CHARGE ! said...

Lordy, would I love to be at this one! Sigh... but even if I left right now and took a bath in diesel fuel at Phoe
nix and a nap in the cab, you guys would still have to pour beer all over me and stand me in the doorway of the Emergency Room.

God bless you guys for your kindnesses but a Greyhound is still a form of suicide. I'll come on the bike later.. or maybe the old lady and I will come by car. Spring/Summer solstice maybe? Now... where did I put that shot glass?

In my mind I remember Alwun so perhaps you'll see a strange orb of light near and above the garden. Don't shoot!