Tuesday, September 26, 2006

NOTES ABOUT "The List" (for anonymous posters and others)...

If you are an anonymous poster and would like to be added to The List, please drop a line to anyone contributing to KCAC Lives! to be added.

Like eveything else happenig on this blog The List just happened - and has become a reference point for memories and emails to old friends. It also has become kind of a Social Register for Come Together events such as at Alwun and will be something of a refference list for reunions and such in the future. Not only that, SOMEONE - maybe someone special from the old days, MAY be trying to find you.

This is not a matter of anybody's "policy" or anything. What is happening here is spontaneous - like an empty blackboard, collecting notes. It's just happening that way. So... let us know who you are, where your memories or interests tie in and what your email address is.

Get on the bus. We don't know where its going and it may NEVER leave but the music is great and the people are fun! That's as good a destination as any!


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freespeak@gmail.com said...

Please welcome Scott Jones to The List. He's there with a hyperlinked email address. You may remember him when you read his email..........
I had gone to Phoenix College with Marty Manning, Gary Kinsey, and Jim Murray in the mid 60s.

When I returned from the military in the spring of 1970 Gary was a KCAC DJ and was recruiting Marty as a DJ and Jim in ad sales.

Our crowd was very close and many times we sorted of blended into the staff at KCAC. Toad would be tired on his morning shift and ask anyone who happened by if they cared to choose and play the music.

Scott Jones

Welcome aboard, Scott! Ya-Ta-Hey!
And/or "God is alive, Magic is afoot".