Saturday, September 16, 2006

SPAM-a-lama-crama-dama with cheese. CLICK HERE

Along with the host of scams and lies being foisted upon us by the government, the media and various other money-driven Trolls and Spooks, we have to deal with bugs and cookies in our computers. You know --- COOKIES like Hansel and Gretel. Some of the cookies in your computer are real time savers and serve a real purpose. Other cookies can often combine with each other via stealth programming and create a third entity within your computer that is simply monstrous. Why do the Spooks and such DO that? Because they can.

Therefore your browser cache and other areas store up these cookies (and other stuff) to the point that they fight for space in your ISP connection. I have come to regard that browser cache and other file collection points as "THE TOILET". For a toilet to work well it must be flushed from time to time.

Enter Ccleaner, a freeware program that will FLUSH your toilet from time to time as you suspect a buildup of CRAP.

That's what the "C" in Ccleaner stands for - Crap.

Ccleaner has gone from a privately developed tool to clean crap with, to something along the lines of a popular toilet brush with millions of copies out there. These people are in a Jihad against CRAP. God bless them.

Click the headline for a free download.

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