Friday, September 01, 2006

DEJA'VU Then & Now Mugshots: PEGI'S VAULT

If you wish to view or download any of these photos in their original .JPG scan size and coloration, simply click on the PEGI'S VAULT headline above..

Here's a fine shot of Bill at the Sunnyslope house ca 1971/72. Bill as you can see, was possibly considering a second career as a bartender, if the radio business somehow failed. Fortunately for all, it did not.

Here is a picture of Carole on the left, watching June Johnson conceal something, possibly a small Troll. June was a great fancier of cats as were most of the Compton Clan. Often, the cats in the house would mimic the behavior of some the people within. This was before cable TV.

Kathy Radina on the left, June Johson on the right. June as you may notice, no longer has posession of the Troll. Presumably, it has gone to play with or to eat - one of the cats.

I can identify only myself Ron Wortham, on the left and Lynne Adams, at the bottom of the picture. The two other persons I do not recognize. This was after I had been living in the school bus for about a year, done a tour of duty with KWFM in Tucson and had "cleaned up my act" somewhat. During that entire time I was eating only the heads off of chocolate bunny rabbits. It was all I could afford.

Here Ron demonstrates "How to balance a cat on one shoulder while smothering a small Troll in a couch cushion". Damn, I hate Trolls.

Further down the page in other editions of PEGI'S VAULT is a picture of Mike and Frannie Baldwin holding their baby, Tender Grass. Here is Tender at the age of two. After all, isn't THIS what it is ALL about? Tender now, is 36 years old. Probably, she has a child of her own about 16 and is looking forward to becoming a Grandmother.


This completes all the relevant pictures from PEGI'S VAULT Volume II. While there were close to 100 snapshots in this volume, there were few relevant to KCAC. Volumes 3&4 contain more pictures and these will be scanned and added to the PEGI'S VAULT series as we continue, after Labor Day. I do hope you are enjoying them and we can all say thanks again to Pegi for sharing them.

BE THINKING of your own or your parents and yes, even your Grandparent's [sigh] collections of pictures, posters, tapes and artifacts of the times. Try to focus on 1969 through 1977 and don't just ask --- PROWL!

THIS WEEKEND would be a great time to go into CHAT MODE while you are touring the blog. You can actually chat, tour the blog AND listen to Radio Free Phoenix all at the same time! Why not? Old folks get to have fun too!

Damn, I hate Trolls.


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Now, if only we could have that shirt Ron's wearing for the Museum of Fashion !