Thursday, September 21, 2006


(From Marty Manning:)
Relax. It's just a bunch of old hippies getting together in the best old hippie place in town. Think cheap stickers instead of lanyards. Think showing up instead of production. I think it's mainly just letting people know where and when and you've done a great job of that. And Kim, unlike his name, is not Moody. With umpteen years of erotic art gatherings under his belt (so to speak) he remains calm at most times.
I'll bring some Fat Bastard wine to help get things going. See you there.

The where and when, again:
Alwun House, 1204 East Roosevelt, Phoenix, AZ (corner of 12th St. and Roosevelt)
Tuesday, Sept. 26 - 8 pm

15 comments: said...

Damn, I love this.. Marty was always the Voice Of Reason on KCAC/KDKB and I used to dearly love to hear him tell of his "sweet nights" - God knows where. At any rate if I were ever on a bad acid trip and had options, I would gather about a dozen biker friends, naked Christians and a half-pound of something green and go find Marty.

Thanks Marty, Though I dearly love Mariah and everyone's enthusism, I was afraid someone would call the cops!


Bob Gately said...

We be Lucky if anyone called the cops...Shit howdy, the cops may know more then way we do...Thank goodness Marty is probably approved by the Establishment. Go Dawdg's. An who would want to see a bunch o nekked bikers...? Count me out...Hooters are us....Dude.

As somebody once said, "Your emergency is not necessarly my Problem....


Bob Gately said...

Spoken like a true Irishman, Hippie...Just show up...Momma suckers...Bob

Mariah Fleming said...

God bless Marty!! Legendary, super hip and not on a wanted poster!!!!

Fran Bennett said...

Please take/post a few pix for us out of towners who can't make it :)

Bruce Frank said...

Hey, i resemble that remark!..
...I'm still trying to remember that old hippie rule we learned way back in the 60's... ahh? Damm,
Maybe your right Marty, they say when you get old first your memorie go and then... somethin else, i forget right now, oh yea, can we loose that big free party sign on this public blog.. Please... nothin is free,
and,... as the bait you use,... so the fish you catch!
Everyone in phoenix who can read, could take that as an personal invitation to show up... and get something for nothing,cause it dosent say whos invited.
The rebirth and KCAC people know how to get ahold of each other... and more discretly cause hippies are outlaws by definition and nature, dont invit the whole town, it wouldn't fit.
carry on...

Liz Boyle said...

Hell, if the whole town shows up, we'll just send Wonderful Russ to the nearest Circle K for some more
"Snacks" !!!

(Love Workshop is coming to RFP !!!! Stay tuned....)

Liz Boyle said...

BTW, I've put in a request for Andy to post the Love Workshop "Snacks" comedy bit.

It's twisted, in a Wonderful sort of way, and compares in quality to the SNL type of sketch comedy that would hit the scene a few years later.

Can't wait to hear some of that way-out stuff again on Radio Free Phoenix!

Mariah Fleming said...

Hi Fran!
My husband Ray has offered to take photographs and Ken Beals from the Az Hall of Fame is going to vidoetape it (or some of it anyway!) Will keep you posted on the photos. Any particular photo ops you'd like him to try to arrange, let us know!

Anonymous said...

This Bob Gately guy said :
"Shit Howdy" :

Some new form of constipation or what ??? said...

"Shit Howdy!" goes waaaaayyyy back (at least in the Texas version) to the two-hole outhouse, before indoor plumbing.

Most of the outhouses were without locks and when ya gotta go...... even if someone else was in there on the other hole. There were even three-holers and probably more.

"Shit Howdy" means then; "It's very good to meet you again sir, under such intimate conditions as we have shared with each other before, when we crapped in the same pile through adjacent crap holes".

It's as intimate as a voting booth and about as meaningful. Also a GOOD place to share a flask of whiskey. If you guzzled it quickly you didn't have to smell weeks of visitors who got there before you or feel the flies on your butt.

In today's vernacular it would be something like "Yo, Brother".

You can bet the nearest corncob (primitive toiet paper) there are other versions of this story depending on where you live.


Bob Gately said...

Shit Howdy, Ron...Now I know why Texans begin most conversations with a hartey, 'SHIT HOWDY". Who knew but you...Thanks for the Texenglish lesson...

Bob said...

Yep... This was also probably the origin of the phrase; "You ain't just a-shittin'". That was usually a response to something said that needed agreement and emphasis. Lots of rumors were passed along as "Outhouse talk".

These colloquialisms I recall, were mostly North Texas and Oklahoma/Arkansas in origin and other parts of the deep South.

Shit played a very important role in our nation's history.


Anonymous said...

"Shit played a very important role in our nation's history." :

And from the looks of things today, I would venture to say that it's playing a significant role in our Future...

And hence the infamous expression,

"There will always be Shit "

Bruce Frank said...

Amen brother.... 'shit happens' it just a figure of speech to say 'no shit' LOL
From the BoZone...