Saturday, September 30, 2006

Allwun House photos posted!


Wow, that was one swell party, eh? What a great bunch of people. I repeated a remark someone had made that it was just a bunch of old hippies having a get-together, and someone noted that it was really quite a bit more than that - it was a pretty historical event, when you consider that many of the people there were quite instrumental in shaping the cultural mindset of a generation. A momentous occasion indeed. The "Old Hippies" remark is, of course, just a way of saying we're stylishly casual about it, right?

There were quite a few people taking pictures (and videos too!), some of them with professional skills and equipment, so I'm sure there will be plenty of great stuff available to us through one source or another; in the meantime, though, I've posted most of my amateur shots in a new Webshots album called "Allwun House - A Momentous Occasion," and added the link to the KCAC Lives Photo Albums page (that link's under the "Community" heading in the left sidebar). I also added a link to the Woodstock Pictures Album to that page - Bob Gately had sent me the photos some time back, and I posted them to a public album (one that shows up on my Webshots home page), but it occurred to me it should be on the KCAC Lives Photo Albums page, too.

I was too intimidated by the daunting prospect of giving titles to all the pictures, so I'll leave it up to you guys and gals to leave comments. You can do that for the album or for individual pictures in it.



Mariah Fleming said...

Wonderful photos, Daniel! You didn't mis a thing, and you even got some pics of my husband Ray, who is notoriously behind of but never in front of a camera! Talk to you soon! How was your trip back home? And how is the dog after the long journey?

vagabondvet said...

Thanks, Mariah, I was trying to make sure no one got left out - pretty eclectic bunch, ain't we? Ray was great, he was everywhere with that monster of a camera - I'll bet he's got a fine set of mug shots! Thanks again for being such an effective motivator / organizer - you really put a lot of heart into this, and on a personal level it was truly one of the most memorable events I've ever been to. Many many thanks, girl, you rock!

The trip back home was pretty good, thanks - tiresome to drive for two days straight, but not terribly so. I stopped in Tonopah Nevada and rented a room in a casino for a good night's rest. Mystic (the most awesome dog in the whole wide world) had a decent trip too, and is greatly relieved to be back in the cooler weather. That thick fur coat of his just isn't meant for Arizona summers.

Have a wonderful day.


Jimmy said...

Great shots, Daniel! I wanted to download a few, but I got the message, "Sorry, this is a private album. Please ask the owner to invite you." Do we need an invite to do that?

vagabondvet said...

Hi, Jimmy,

Sorry for the late reply, but I was up in Bend most of the day, just got back. I'm puzzled by the message you're reporting, will have to check into that. "Private" just means the album doesn't show up on my Webshots home page, and you have to have (or follow) a link to it, but as far as I know you should be able to download the pictures according to the download instructions on the KCAC Lives Photo Album Information page. Did you follow those instructions, or were you trying to download using the Webshots software? I'll have to log off from Webshots so the site doesn't know who I am, and visit the albums to see what's up. Will post my findings here soon.

vagabondvet said...

Jimmy, I think you must have tried to use the "Download" link on the page instead of the "View Full Size" link and then RIGHT-clicking on the picture and choosing "Save As." I just tried that when I wasn't logged in on Webshots and it worked fine - if you try that and still have problems, please email me and we'll figure it out.


Mariah Fleming said...

Jimmy, Daniel...
That's what I did and it works swell. I had the same msg you got from the site so I just did it the way Daniel described. Anyway, Jimmy, more photos on the way, will send you both some a cd from Sharon Porter of wonderful shots...she really got some great ones too...and of course am going thru the ones Ray took - he always takes a zillion but he gets some great ones. I still haven't mastered the photo download onto our site so I am gonna leave that up to Ron and you two for now.

Well, guys, we did it! And I am still on an Alwun House/Rebirth of Real buzz! said...

Those pics are wonderful. The ladies are all foxey and the gents are showing the kind of seasoning that speaks of a life well-lived. Next-best thing to being there and if there is a repeat, I wanna reserve my name tag now.