Sunday, September 17, 2006

Easy Rider (For Bob Gately)

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Yo Bob... here's a picture of the bike. I am almost sure I can simply hang my rolling walker upside-down over the chrome rack on top of the backrest! I'm pretty recovered from the strokes but still need the walker or cane. At this point I have it stripped down with the carbs off, ready to pull the engine. Going mostly by the book..... slowly.

To give you some idea of how BIG this thing is... that's my son on front. He's 6'4" tall. Behind him is my nephew, he's 6'2" tall. Four cylinders.. like a car - 1200cc. The saddlebags and the big bag the walker will hang from have all got handles and are actually SUITCASES! FM stereo w/cassette. After all, it is a 1984 model.

THIS is how I plan to get to one of the reunions, pow-wows or whatever in Phoenix. My guess is early spring or whenever I can trust myself on it. 1000 miles, 45 mpg but what a sweet way to fly!



vagabondvet said...

Nice ride, Ron! Looks pretty comfortable, I hope you get a lot of enjoyment out of it.


Bruce Frank said...

I've had a car smaller than that... 1100 cc dodge colt. I love a big bike for getting out on the highway, comfortable, you can take enough clean sox and underware for a long trip and less vibrstion and fatigue... Just keep the shiney side up or you may have to call in a crane to right it. LOL
make it go Bro

Bob Gately said...

Yo Ron...Damn nice ride...Can the kids handle it all the way to PHX ? Was it a Stroke of Genius, a mutant message that it was time to go, s-l-o-w- way, way, way down, or, get it on Dude, the end is near ? Dont count on it, it's further then we think, so, think....(aint that why we drink ?)

We got a bud an a bourbon waiting at the Garden with your name on it...Collect it and go forth with confidence that you are carried forward here there an anywhere your spirit moves you move our Spirits to go on....Bud.