Thursday, September 28, 2006


Hi All,
To everyone who came to the Alwun House gathering, thank you for making it such a happy and meaningful night.

Some special kudos: Marty Manning, thanks especially for kickstarting our event by taking hold of that microphone...your stories are wonderful. Thanks Russ Shaw, for your booming voice, ready smile and ever unique and entertaining point of view; Tom Wright, thanks for bringing those wonderful archival recordings and It was spine tingling and comforting to hear Bill's voice broadcasting from KCAC at the genesis of this thing...and the live music show featuring a very young and golden throated Hans about a time machine!

To the ever radiant Liz Boyle, your famous spinach brownies with the powdered sugar peace symbols were the PERFECT touch...and thanks for energizing people to stand up and speak up!! Thanks to Michael Collins for playing some GREAT music; Bruce Frank and the second Rebirth Band (o: for playing those tunes; Doug Smith for singing the beautiful song about those KCAC KBKD days...Ron Wortham for all your great posts and your unflinching support, time and energy...GREAT to hear your voice there on the phone...Andy Olson for saying a few words to everyone there.

And what would the night have been like without Terri Sussman, VP of AMEHOF, adding her smile and good vibes to the mix; and 'the woman behind 'THE MAN!'" Toni Beals, for your warmth and 'can do' attitude. Without you I'd have surely crashed that double bundt cake I was trying to assemble and then slice. Your energy and generosity never cease to amaze me; to Ken Beals (the man behind 'THE WOMAN'") from AMEHOF bountiful thanks for vidoetaping the event for us, and for not putting that heavy video camera down!!

To Ray Bowen for chronicling yet another photographic tribute to an Arizona 'historical event' all the Rebirth folks (Linda Peterson, I KNEW I had seen you somewhere before! I had no idea you knew those folks till after the event!) much love from someone who was around, but not in, your Rebirth circle. Great to meet you, Sharon Porter, and we can't wait to see your cd of pictures! You too Daniel!! And Daniel...well, words can't express the gratitude I feel for having met you again thru the blog and with your inspiration to guide me, getting this event in gear. And to Ron Wortham...the king of inspiration and the driving wheel behind the movement...YOU ARE SO AMAZING! To Jimmy Magahern thanks for fitting the gathering in to your already slammed "things to do" list. It just wouldn't have been the same without you and your lovely Lola. Talk about lighting up a room!

And of course, Alwun House's Kim and Dana you have our TREMENDOUS THANKS for hosting the event. Walking into Alwun House and seeing it aglow for us, well, it put a little lump in my throat. Talk about awesome and awe inspiring. Dana, how you had the time to make that strawberry chocolate bundt cake I don't know but sure are glad you did...c'est magnifique! Here's a big happy howl to your beautiful Great Danes for cleaning up the end of party mess canine style...

It's impossible to mention everyone by name...just know that your presence was part of the beauty of the night.

To those who missed it, we sure missed you...but take heart, the wonderhearted Kim Moody has asked me if we want to do another 'Rebirth of Real' Celebration (how about January before it gets hot!) at Alwun House!! Kim's in the spirit of a continuing circle of "Rebirth of Real" gatherings. There could be no more perfect place for us to hold them. You have continued to make Alwun House a glistening desert gem. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

Next time we'll have more than a week's notice so we'll count on seeing everyone there...and next time we'll keep a healthy 'tip jar' going for Alwun House!

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vagabondvet said...

Epic. What a great gathering. A million thanks to Kim and Dana for hosting it, and to all who attended and/or contributed.

I have pics, will create an album soon - Google has established an online web album feature that integrates with Picasa, and I want to check it out and see if that would be a better picture hosting site than Webshots, so that'll take me a little while to investigate, but I'll get to it soon.

Long trip home... need time to recuperate. Love you all...