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Spreading The Word...
Come Celebrate Past, Present and Future of Downtown's Art Scene... in "all one" place:
It Happens; Friday, 7-11pm, September 8, at Downtown's landmark Alwun House.
1204 E Roosevelt, Phoenix

Pictured below is Alwun House at Roosevelt and 12th Street as homesteaded in 1912 by John Sedler (note solar water heater on roof under gable). The family recalls vast alfalfa fields to Van Buren to the South. (more about State and Phoenix historic designation at website: )

Alwun House 35th Anniversary; Downtown's First Gallery, established in 1971
Go ahead, jump back to 1971. That's when Alwun House founder Kim Moody, a fifth generation Arizonan returned to his Noble grandparents Garfield neighborhood, to help resurrect his native-born downtown with his passion for the arts and his belief in their ability for transformation. Think how empty Downtown Phoenix was in 1971 - and you can imagine how unshakeable his dedication of vision and persistence to his dream of a gallery and artspace setting where all arts could be represented in one place (hence, "all-one" House). Where community-building through the arts be pursued, unfettered by those who"knew better than come downtown" --- see abbreviated 35 year history of Alwun's contribution to Downtown Art Scene:

Maybe now is a good time to revisit Alwun House - Roosevelt Row’s 2-story landmark retro-chic 1912 bungalow, surrounded by award-winning gardens (take a garden tour from comfort of the web:


“Arizona’s first contemporary arts center.” Scott Seckel, Arizona Republic, March 4, 1992

Downtown’s first art gallery

Staged Valley’s first multimedia theatre production, 1972.

The Valley’s first coffeehouse (pre-Starbucks; same year as Fiddler's Dream).

First to showcase Performance Art on their stage.

And today... Urban Form, ASU and other downtown bigwigs are talking creating a Grand Civic Plaza? Think about what Alwun House was doing in the 1980's:

First and only to stage multi-cultural festivals on downtown parking structure rooftops: 5 to 10,000 revelers actually “got the concrete heart of the city to beat!” see Republic stories 1980's


"Keep up your good work. Everyone interested in art endorses you."

The late honorable Senator Barry Goldwater, 1984

“The current arts community can easily be traced to 1971 when Alwun House was first established”

Kimber Lanning, 2004 (Richard Florida’s Orpheum Community Discussion)

"One of the things that make Alwun House so valuable is the diversity of its programming. It is also what makes the place so difficult to define." E.J. Montini, Arizona Republic

"A Pioneer in the rebirth of cultural and artistic activity in Central Phoenix, Alwun House is an important component of downtown revitalization." Terry Goddard, 1993 (at ceremony Alwun House received State Historic designation)

"When the definitive cultural history of the city of Phoenix is written, Alwun House will have to be given a special and loving place in that narrative." Donald Locke, Art Critic, Arizona Living Magazine 10/87

“Upon entering Alwun House a visitor immediately senses that some calming influences are at work – it’s the poetry of ambiance, and the ambiance of poetry. The fact that Alwun has not only survived but prospered in its (downtown) location signals that the facility is needed and wanted, and has a place in Phoenix and the hearts of those who care about the arts in the Valley.” Kelly Walton, Scottsdale Progress, 1981

“The Alwun House will remain in the heart of Garfield as a place residents gather to meet, celebrate, and nurture youth and the arts.” Weed and Seed national, In-Sites Magazine, 6/95

“Alwun House - the eastside anchor to downtown’s emerging cultural explosion.” Art in America, 9/04

NOW IT'S YOUR TURN: start spreading the news...
Representing an inspired, inclusive art filled environment that nurtures downtown's future as uncompromising as it has the past and present downtown Phoenix art scene. Yes, Alwun House has nurtured 1,000's of artists, many who now are successful and represented in museums around the country. Maybe it's time to revisit this hot bed for the avant garde, the nexus for the Valley's creative class.


Alwun House Gallery & Gardens (est.1971)
1204 E Roosevelt, Phoenix
602.253.7887 hotline (abbreviated downtown arts history)

Exquisite Nature

Opening Reception: Friday, September 8, 2006
Exhibit Dates: September 8 - October 6 (first friday), 2006
Viewing: Tuesday - Friday, 12 - 6pm. free

This exhibit kicks off Alwun House 35th season.

In her first Phoenix exhibit . . . .

The art of Kim Walker creates mixed media montages on exotic woods; pressed foliage and acrylics. Each piece is named with an accompanying thoughtful poem. Poems are mounted and exhibited alongside of title piece. While Ms Walker has gallery representation in Santa Fe and Sedona, this will be her first Phoenix exhibition. Graduate of ASU school of Arts in 2001, she was a late bloomer, as she started attending ASU whilst taking her 12yr old prodigy son to ASU.
See for resume & more examples of her artwork.

From Alwun's early years . . . .

Artist Kerry Vesper shows phenomenal new wood sculptures, object d'art and furniture - belying his master craftsmanship with woodworking. Kerry will be showing his creative pure sculptures and his well know very sculptural functional pieces such as chairs & tables. Mr. Vesper is nationally recognized and has exhibited across the country. Kerry is also an ASU Graduate - during the more tumultuous year(s) of 1967. Mr. Vesper was friends with Alwun founder Kim Moody when Kim started Alwun House and has been a long time exhibitor and supporter. Kerry has an extensive resume and was past president of the Arizona Designer Craftsmen the local artists guild.
See for resume & more examples of his artwork.

Opening Reception: Friday, September 8, 7pm - 12am
$5 door, Alwun House members free
Exquisite Art, Epicurean Delights, Florals, Fauna, Refreshments.
Entertainment: Beat City Jazz, Melodic Improvisational Jazz
David Diagonal DJ, European Sensation - ambient audio for the soul

For the latest updates on additional future activities:

Alwun House: Downtowns first independent non-profit gallery and arts organization, since 1971

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