Friday, September 15, 2006


To tune your computer in to Radio Free Phoenix, click the headline above. OPEN THE FILE when presented with stream options.

Amongst the many pictures shared by Don Johnson is this choice middle 70's shot of Dave Deerhake, zooming down the road. He APPEARS to be driving a car but with Dave.... you could never be sure. We've featured Dave before but not during Levitation.

Dave was described - as were many of us - as demented, on drugs, deranged, dumfounded and a bunch of other "D" words including Desperately Oversexed and Destined for Baldness as well as "Dehumanized raper of small birds". Such loose descriptions (possibly originating from within The Arizona Republic) are simply not true. Dave was not into birds.
Got pics from the old days? Send them in!

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Mariah Fleming said...

Very cool what you posted with the RFP KCAC bus!
and link! Way to go, Ron!