Wednesday, September 06, 2006


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This really wouldn't be so hard to do. With a couple of old computers and some projection systems (or even some do-it-yourself digital photo frames), we could have a fully interactive museum where the comments, images and movies posted on this site could be projected on to the walls of a gallery.
The content could change in real time with each new post someone contributes to the blog, and the visitor could also scroll through the pages on a computer and choose which page to project on a wall.
Music would also be interactive - visitor could choose from whatever audio files we have - and there'd be plenty of room within the walls for real, physical objects.
What do you think, gang?


Bob Gately said...

It Rocks, Jimmy ! I could see this in the new civic plaza as the tribute to AZ Radio and entertainment...Where is Jack Curtis ?
Also, it would be a hit at Sky Harbor....Or, how about both places and a facility for Johnny D and the collection.

This is getting GOOD !

Mariah Fleming said...

Wow. Kinda makes the spine tingle, Jimmy!! It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, isn't it? (o: said...

I agree with Bob.. this is gettin' good!

I think Aunt Fran (who without realizing it started me out on an entire 20-year Party DJ career)... Fran nailed it by saying "I would almost eat glass" to hear/see/feel/be/remember/experience that. What I am getting at is that if I were a visitor to such a display I would want to take home a PIECE of it as a memory or whatever. A keepsake or CD or picture or T-shirt, whatever.

Am I being too corny with this? I see this even larger as maybe a small auditorium-seated experience where the whole thing could maybe even be computer-generated in a random multimedia format where one could attend it like an ongoing MOVIE with music and popcorn and naps for old people and one or two Rocky Horror Picture Show type freaks doing their very own interpretation of Real Life.

Hoo boy - I gotta check in with my doc and find out whaz in these drugs. I aked the nurse the other day about Viagra and what do they do if I report to the Emergency Room with an erection lasting more than four hours... Just as I suspected - they don't HAVE a treatment's all TV jive.


Bruce Frank said...

Right on ... i love to feel the creative jucies flowing... and they are... limited only by the imagination, which isnt in short suply around here... I cant help but feel we could do more than just tell it like it was though, even though thats inspiring and memorible... what was it about, and did it die with Bill... i think not... one step follow another, and if you think its posible or not.. in either case, your right!
keep on keepin on

Mariah Fleming said...

No way dear're not being corny!! I reacted the same way to Fran saying she would eat glass to hear those recordings.

You've all said such incredible things. That's what prompted me to post them together for all to easily witness the 'synchronicity' you so eloquently talk about. Hopefully it will prompt others to want to be part of it when they see this powerful vibe.

It is a truly undeniable synchronicity that has brought us together. I feel it in my body, like a deep bass guitar, steady, meaningful, enriching. In a world gone madder and more vacuous than anyone of us could have ever dreamed, well, here we are! Replacing that empty space with layers of texture that weave us together. What can we make of this?? Nothing short of a little miracle.

No matter where we are, It's like we're all experiencing this great shared epiphany. There are so many distractions, yet we're all managing to stay focused on this postive effort and not letting anything get in the way of sharing. We are 'rebirthing' (thanks to you Bruce!) our dreams.

Jimmy created a chrysalis. KCAC Llives! is a safe cocoon that nurtures us all. It's the place where we grow and emerge like gorgeous rain forest butterflies and fill the universe with beautiful things. And now it's expanding because of all the love and energy put into this every day.

The mutual perception, strength and passion for that part of our lives has never, ever died. Every day I see something new that you or Jimmy or Dan or Bob or Marty or Russ et al have posted and it puts a lump in my throat. That you guys go to all the trouble of sending out an 'sos' for pics, and reconnecting with old friends is a gift to us all. Why is this happening?

Daniel, for example, what are the odds that you could have found Michelle Garneau and Bruce Frank after all this time? Ron, you keep everyone in the loop and reel the ones who aren't in the loop on in! These personal photos you and Dan and others have posted, and the audio clips of Bill and wonderful, suprising stuff that Jimmy astonishes me that all of this has come together and continues to blossom.

For folks like Pegi Cookenboo and Carole Compton to allow such personal pictures to be seen here for all of us to enjoy and relate to is a truly loving thing. You are all generous souls, bringing even those of us who were only a minute part of that era's synergy deeper into the fold. It's truly a blessing.

I wish Lissa were here to be part of this, it hurts my heart that she is not. But I feel her hand in this, just as you who CREATED the synergy, the passion, who breathed it, aired it, cherished it, and shared it with us every day feel Bill Compton's hand as well.

At Lissa's memorial we all stood around watching the pictures of her life, the vibrant, never to die reality that was at her core. We talked, reminisced, smiled, cried, saw people we hadn't seen in 4o years and said to each other "We have to be sure her spirit and her work lives on." I can hear her saying "Ok, Bill, you got me here too now, so lets get these people MOTIVATED! Let's get 'em together now like you did then! We can do it! It's a no brainer!"

I am truly overcome when I read all of these things. I don't know how else to say it. And you thought that you were being corny!!

Liz Boyle said...

Nice job with the visuals, Jimmy.
I'd pay good money for a ticket in there !

Bob Gately said...

Yo Ron , Hope St Joe's has a jack off nurse...Mariah, their is spirit in the air, god in the magic....Bob